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Luar Biasa Negara Ini; It Really Is Though!

What is it about our charismatic sixth president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) and Twitter these days? Well, one thing for sure is that he is active, very active online.

Every time something political happens, SBY will most likely show his response via Twitter, and usually those tweets become an instant hit amongst Netizen. And with that, what’s supposed to be a serious tweet quickly turns into a comic relief from the intense political issues going around. However, it isn’t just what he tweets that becomes a major topic amongst Netizen. It seems like anything he does nowadays is viral material.

Let us give you yet another recap of SBY’s latest Twitter endeavors.

First, there was his “question” that sparked the hashtag #SayaBertanya all over the internet. Now, we have to let him of the hook for this one. The man was only defending his rights to live in his own country, you would to if there was a protest right where you lived.

Not long after that, right on the Valentine’s Day, former chairman of KPK Antasari Azhar made a press conference. He accused SBY of being behind the murder charges of Nasrudin Zulkarnaen, president director of a state owned company that resulted him being sentenced to 18 years in prison. According to Antasari, SBY did that because Antasari didn’t grant his wish not to detain former Bank Indonesia deputy governor Aulia Pohan, who had been accused of corruption. As you already know, SBY and Pohan were related through the marriage of their children.

We bet you know what happened next.

Yup, SBY took it to Twitter. He tweeted something like this:

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Basically, SBY was amazed by how power can control anything in this country. But being Indonesians, our netizens managed to find some humor in that tweet. They used the template of SBY’s tweet to create their own meme and comedic tweets using the phrase luar biasa negara ini. In result, our radar found 750,309 buzz throughout February 14th with 743,024 engagements.

Among 7,285 posts we found, 4,934 of them were from news outlets, followed by 1,262 tweets, 1,064 Facebook posts, 21 forum threads, and 4 blog posts. On Twitter alone, the tweets generated 3,082 interactions and 5,546,188 viral reach.

Apart from the political value of that tweet, SBY always seems to make his tweets viral. We believe he’d make a great social media manager someday. Maybe he might consider his career at a content digital agency? Who knows, what we do know is that he is one of Indonesia’s most talked about person and online influencer at the moment.

Biru is a contributing writer for Sonar Platform, focusing on social and digital trends in Indonesia

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Biru is a contributing writer for Sonar Platform, focusing on social and digital trends in Indonesia

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