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Should People Literally Skip the #SkipChallenge? Don’t Try This At Home!

It amazes us how teenagers these days are willing to do anything, and we mean literally ANYTHING, for the need to be accepted by their peers..or just to get a few more likes on their feed. Some of them even record themselves attempting to lose consciousness on purpose and upload the videos onto their social media. Yes, that really happened.

If you’re quite active on social media, chances are you already know about “skip challenge”. It’s a challenge in which a person trying to make himself pass out by having people press hard on his chest, so he would run out of the air. This challenge, also known by the hashtags #skipchallenge or #passoutchallenge, is very popular among teenagers. Even we couldn’t believe it. And it turns out, the skip challenge allegedly started in the late 1990s in America.

We don’t really know how #skipchallenge became popular in Indonesia, but we do know that it’s dangerous. According to the Jakarta Post, Head of the Jakarta chapter of the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) Slamet Budiarto says that #skipchallenge will cut the blood supply to the brain, causing oxygen deprivation. It can stop the brain from functioning, leading to seizure, stroke, and coma. In 2016, an 11-year-old boy named DaVorious Gray from South Carolina, America, even died during his attempt to fulfill the challenge.

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People have been very concerned about this challenge. The topic itself raised 26,184 total buzz and 500 posts all over the internet throughout March 10th to 13th. Official news outlets became the most-used channel to talk about #skipchallenge, which produced 306 posts. On Twitter, the 122 tweets successfully generated 430 interactions and 7,172,018 viral reaches. Meanwhile, the 70 posts from Facebook gained 633 comments, 4,093 shares, and 20,437 likes.

On top of that, according to Kompas, Muhadjir Effendy, our Minister of Education and Culture asks teachers to pay more attention to their students so the #skipchallenge trend could be stopped. So please listen to your teacher, kids. #skipchallenge is life-threatening. Better you find another challenge that is more fun and that does not put your life at risk. Play and post safely, kids!

Biru is a contributing writer for Sonar Platform, focusing on social and digital trends in Indonesia

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Biru is a contributing writer for Sonar Platform, focusing on social and digital trends in Indonesia

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