Amp Up Traffic & Sales Of Your Online Store In 10 Simple Steps!

If you’re having a down moment thinking of how to drive traffic and sales towards your online store site and convincing people to invest in you, these simple tricks might be just what you need!

As you already know, e-commerce has continued to grow bigger in Indonesia. One of reason is because many e-commerce reflected in increased interest in startup fundraising from many venture capital whether local or overseas.

With big investments, comes great responsibilities to the investors and to customers or even to your expanding market. The e-commerce industry constantly tries to implement several marketing tactics & strategies to amp up traffic & sales. put together at least 10 marketing tactics that are not only helpful but also realistic to implement. Take a look!

  1. Upsell Your Products
    According to Econsultancy, upselling is 20 times more effective than cross-selling online. Sometimes, customers don’t know if and when there’s a better product is available. Therefore, convince them to upgrade to better products but don’t forget to be sensitive to their price range.
  1. Integrate Instagram
    Did you know? The average order value from Instagram marketing is $65.00 and L2 Think Tank’s study found that this platform gives brands 25% more engagement than other social media. Using the right hashtags, appropriate filters, post timing, and you’re golden! Another important key is that you need to engage with your online audience if you want big following on Instagram. How? Through interactive posts/discussions online.
  1. Reduce Abandoned Carts
    According to the Baymard Institute, 67.45% of shopping carts are abandoned before they’re completed, meaning they lost one-third of the potential buyer. The simple and effective way to reduce this incidence is by providing an email recovery which is able to convince customers to complete their purchase.
  1. Capture More Email Subscribers
    Think this way, there are way too many tweets and Facebook posts for us to keep with but users still cherish them with new messages on personal email. Therefore, be active on promoting through newsletters to get subscribers on a high-converting channel.
  1. Improve Your Email Campaigns
    The moment a customer signs up or buys, send them a confirmation e-mail ASAP!
  2. Make Your Online Store User-Friendly
    What happens if the online store site or app is hard to look at and understand? Customers will consider them as “not trustworthy”. So, make sure to segment products on a page properly and set a balance between text and visuals.
  3. More Product Reviews!
    According to Internet Retailer, product reviews are able to drive conversion rate by 14-76% to the site. Adding testimonials and reviews gives reassurance to customers and helps amp up your SEO probability.
  4. Improve Your Ad Spending
    Don’t be afraid to experiment using paid media like Google Adwords or Facebook ads. At least, paid media can make the online store more visible to be found by users. Even a simple post boost on Facebook is worth a try, right?
  5. Engage with Your Visitors
    E-commerce should have a chat feature and blog site posting regularly in order to connect with fans and have better SEO rank. Other than that? Try posting an offer or promotions. Who doesn’t love a special or flash sale!
  6. Do Market Research & Anticipate Future Sales
    Evaluating market demand is very important to see if adding or expanding new products is worth the cost. You can do keyword research, geographic validation, and social listening.


Social listening becomes the important part for e-commerce, especially to gain insight on what’s trending around their target audience which can be used on next campaign..and that’s what we’re here for! We can tell you what your audience is talking about and who exactly is fitting to give those reviews and testimonials too! Reach us here

Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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