Campaign of the Week: OPPO, Samsung, & Redmi Indonesia

This week is all about mobile! Yes, we will give you some helpful insight on launch campaigns of three smartphone brands; Oppo, Samsung, & Redmi Indonesia.

Samsung is running their #unboxyourphone campaign which is part of introducing their new upcoming smartphone, Galaxy S8. By showcasing the stunning infinity display, Samsung Galaxy S8 experience takes #unboxyourphone to a whole new level giving people the experience of using a phone like it’s a part of daily life. That’s shown in their daily social media activity recently.

Samsung galaxy s8

Oppo is also launching their new smartphone, F3 plus. Using #SelfieExpert & #DualSelfieCamera as their hashtag, Oppo F3 plus appears to be a suitable smartphone for selfie lovers with a selfie camera quality that is basically same as DSLR..impressive, right? For this campaign, Oppo introduced Raline Shah as their main model, displaying the quality of pictures taken from the Oppo F3 Plus phone.

Oppo F3 Plus

Same with the previous two brands, but with a slightly different approach, Xiaomi hosted an event called the Mi Fan Festival 2017 on April 5th to introduce two new products, the anticipated Redmi Note 4 & Redmi 4X, alongside JKT 48 as their main attraction. During the events, they were also Live on their official Redmi Indonesia Facebook page, showing the product launch up until the JKT 48 show.

Redmi #jkt48withmi

Our radar found 7.021 posts with the hashtag #JKT48withMi on Twitter. Redmi Indonesia’s Facebook page uploaded a video of the event which earned 349.244 views, more than 5.500 likes, 802 shares, & 169 comments.

On the other side of the internet world, Oppo really got the internet buzzing about them by running three hashtags. Sonar captured 3.722 post with the hashtag #selfieexpert, 2.812 with #DualSelfieCamera,  and 13,198 with #OPPOF3Plus. Oppo also held a digital activity (quiz) on their microsite with their brand now F3 Plus phones as the main prizes. They posted quiz invitations on Facebook from 13 April up until today and we found that it raised 2.314 comments, 2.990 shares, and more than 27.000 likes so far.

As for Samsung, Sonar found a total of 7.640 posts from twitter and media which contain 5.005 on topic #galaxys8 and 2.635 for #unboxyourphone.  One of their video, the introduction of Galaxy S8, already runs from 29 March till today on Samsung Mobile Facebook page receive 2.192.052 views, 50.193 shares, & 16.854 comments

Mobile brands are really making the best of social media marketing nowadays. Therefore, knowing their target audience on the internet is the main part of strategizing their next campaign..or even your next campaign if you are thinking of doing digital activations on social media. Be update on what’s trending on social for some content inspiration today here!

Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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