8 Common Mistakes in Creating The “About Us” Page

Having the most visited business’s website is one of the goals of brand marketers to create or enhance awareness of their brand in the digital sphere. However, many business owners still overlook the basic “About Us” page because their main focus is usually on the content and product pages.

This situation has resulted in common errors, most of them are quite visible on the “About Us” page. According to entrepreneur.com, there are 8 common mistakes that need to be fixed while it still can. Let’s check it out and start revising!

  1. It Always About You
    Take note, visitors are curious to learn about what you’re doing and how you can make their lives better. Unfortunately, most of them still tell their accomplishment without explaining what their business is what they do. Your “About Us” page should represent some answers from these basic questions:

    1. How and when did your company get started?
    2. Who are the founders?
    3. What gave you the idea to start your business?
    4. What are your core values?
    5. What motivates you as a business?
  2. No Description on Website’s Purposes
    Your “About Us” page is the best place for your business to show off. Try to describe the visitor on what they can expect when visiting your website accurately. Let them know they have arrived at the right place to get information both about products and services. Also, describe what makes your business different with the competitor and why people want to work with or buy your product.
  3. There aren’t any visible opt-in forms
    Although it isn’t considered as the most popular page; the “About Us” section still attracts visitors. If we want them to come back, an opt-in form is the recommended tool to capture visitors and convert them into subscribers for newsletters. Without an opt-in form, you will only minimize their chances to re-visit page, probably never. Also, once they do subscribe, engage them by sending them some relevant content about your business.
  4. No Supporting Visuals.
    People love information that is presented in visual form. Zabisco shares that 40% of people will respond better to visual forms of information than plain text. In this case, many businesses’ website only put full plain text on their “About Us” page. Visitors won’t have the time nor patience to read all of it, especially on a mobile device. Therefore, make sure to compose short paragraphs, use headlines appropriately, organize with bullet points, and liven it up with uplifting designs, photos or video of your team in action.
  5. Not Directing to The Most Popular Pages or Products
    One of the most asked questions is what do people do after visiting the “About Us” page? The answer to that is; they should go the brand’s most popular pages such as blog posts, list of products, hiring, and contacts. “About Us” Page is the perfect place to direct visitors to your popular pages. Make sure that you recommend visitors where they need to go after learning your business. So, add a tab, window or link that directs to those pages on your website!
  6. Not Leveraging Social Proof
    Social proof is the most effective way to build credibility, trust and authority of the brand. Displaying some testimonials from previous clients and publications of links or logos, even screenshots of social media shout-outs, can be used as the proof of it. You don’t have to be shy, embrace your brand and products! Sell out!
  7. Too Much Information
    The ideal character to put on “About Us” Page is about 300 to 400 words. The quickest way to create this is by using the elevator pitch technique; put a little sales sentence with the use of words like original or dominant, put in a “stop” word (words that make the person reading to pause), and avoid corporate jargons.
  8. Not Putting Contact Information
    Putting an email address and social media handles on your “About Us” page is the way to go. It can actually help visitors to contact you if they have any questions or concerns after reading your business profile.

Now you can see how important your “About Us” page is as a way to introduce your business to potential customers and communities. This will lead to building trust which finally drives the conversion. So, let’s not make these mistakes on your “About Us” page again! Come on, promise us!

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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