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9.9 E-Commerce Sale Extravaganza: How Did Shopee’s #SuperShoppingDay Really Occur On Social?

September 18, 2018 Sarah Putri 0

Yes, September was filled with anticipation towards Shopee’s 9.9 Super Shopping Day, a flash sale event dedicated to the September 9th (9/9) date. It was that simple reasoning that got so many people hyped to participate in this flash sale occasion. We dove right into the 9.9 hype on social to get a clearer picture of how enthusiastic people were about Super Shopping Day earlier this month


Which Brand Took Home The Gold During The 2018 Asian Games?

September 17, 2018 Sarah Putri 0

As you’ve probably already experienced, The Asian Games 2018 was one of the biggest events ever held in Indonesia. You can guess just how many brands have joined the Asian Games momentum, both local and ones that are internationally known, or even a huge franchises. As the Asian Games came to a glorified end, we were also curious which of the partnering brands took home the gold for their Asian Games edition campaigns, products, and hashtags, at least on Social.


The Merah Putih Satellite’s Orbit All Over Social

August 15, 2018 Sarah Putri 0

The launching of this Merah Putih Satellite stirred up quite a buzz on social, 106k (106.906) in total, to be exact. We monitored all about this topic from the 6th up until the 13th of August, and our tool captured 10.744 post regarding Telkom’s newest satellite.


#PrayForNTB: Take A Look At The Support Posted All Over Social

August 10, 2018 Sarah Putri 0

It’s now clear that social media is not lacking emotional connection, since we can clearly see how vastly information and even emotional support can spread through social media. On August 5th 2018, a 7.0 earthquake hit North of Lombok, The Gili Islands, Mataram, and other areas within the West Nusa Tenggara (Nusa Tenggara Barat) province. The quake caused massive damages and left an emotional impression on Netizens.


What Do Local Netizens Love Munching On?

July 19, 2018 Sarah Putri 0

Finding out simple habits of your audience is important, even regarding something as simple as snacking habits and preferences. As the saying goes, a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. In this case, it’s an effective way to get to anyone’s heart is through their stomach and through their snack cabinets.

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What Do You Tweet About When Munching? Find Out If Others Are Tweeting About The Same Things

July 19, 2018 Sarah Putri 0

We were curious to find out what netizens usually discuss in terms of snacks, do they just talk about what they want to eat? We’re guessing there’s more to it than that. Take a look at our infographic above to know more about what netizens talk about on social relating to snack time and find out what they are most likely to munch on by looking at our second snack infographic on our blog page!

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