This Week in Social: Earthquakes, Politics and Pikachu

Twitter users are showing some love for Indonesia, prior to the earthquake shaking east of Indonesia, at Nusa Tenggara Timur to be exact. The quake happened at around 3.52 PM on Wednesday, July 13th 2016, noted at about 3.6 RS followed by two other quake noted at about 4.2 RS around 4.21 PM, but that was not the last of it, another shocking quake hit on Thursday, July 14th 2016 around 5.12 PM (WITA). Sonar picked up quite a bit of buzz accumulated from news regarding this unfortunate incident, with the number of 8.120 viral reach. It was as if twitter users were passing on this information to expose of this tragedy in order for Indonesians know and care more about this incident.

Still regarding Indonesia, another issue that has been stirring quite a buzz is of the Governor of Sumatra Utara that has been called out by the corruption committee (KPK). If we were to put a number of reach regarding this issue it would be 12.934.019 reach from netizen’s posts alone.  You could say that the public is taking this scandalous issue very seriously just by the number of reach, even though the allegations fired against governor, Tengku Erry Nuradi was speculated to be a form of bribery amongst the local government representatives, to it would probably be best if netizens were to remain neutral and not jump into conclusions just yet.

There is another quake shaking through the global tech world, including Indonesia, that is none other than Pokemon Go. That’s right, these cute little creatures of the 90’s are back, some say they are coming back better than ever and is believed to be a game changer, if you are into games and Pikachu. Ever since the launch of the Pokemon GO game app on July 6th 2016, this phenomenal game has successfully become the center of attention in just a short period of time. Netizens have created multiple accounts in honor of Pokemon Go and there have been about 6.385.175 tweets regarding the keyword “Pokemon Go”. That’s not all, other relating keywords such as “pokestops” and “pokeball” has generated about 96.609 up to 116.518 tweets.

In fact, because netizens are so hyped about this game, people in the real world are getting into the action. In the US, pokestop are currently used as a mean of promoting local sites and places. At this rate, Indonesia should be getting their pokeballs ready  to get in the act too.

Adapted by: Sarah Putri (@sera0514)

Rizka is a content writer for Sonar Platform, focusing on social media trends and analysis in Indonesia

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Rizka is a content writer for Sonar Platform, focusing on social media trends and analysis in Indonesia

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