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This Week in Social: The Rising of Celebrity Fights, Motorcycle Sales And Automated Bus Hopes

Social media has become the go to place to raise interest and opinions on just about any topic, from posting positive comments supporting a particular someone to ranting and bickering. The most talked about trending topic this week is none other than the feud between Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift. Shocking, right? The two influential ladies on social media recently collided in a dispute over the famous Kanye West (and his new song entitled famous). This celebrity feud quickly turned into a hashtag rant all over tweet, with the infamous hashtag #KimExposedTaylorParty posted about 2,175,042 times in one day. Now, a few media portals have used this hashtag to increase the number of clicks and it is effective to do so, just be careful not to start another twitter war while using it.

Now on to some local news. In June, motorcycle sales rate in Indonesia have increased up to rose to 12,4%, that’s 518.878 units in total. This report generated 12,959,640 impressions in just 1 day. It’s not an international feud between two celebrities but it’s sure gained a lot of interest and engagements. So what are most people saying about this? Here’s a hint..Traffic, and we don’t mean the good kind like in digital, what they mean is serious hell-life traffic that will most likely occur in the future. This increase on vehicle sales is worrying since it does not include the offset of infrastructure development and restrictional regulation. Think of all the new shiny motorcycles that will be on the road in a month or so.

As most Netizens predict, with the huge wave of new vehicles on the road, traffic jams also will rise in a lot of big cities here in Indonesia post EID Mubarak celebration. For workers who came back to their daily routine, the traffic situation is of course stressfull and tiring, especially during rush hour. Sonar found that news about a the auto bus developed by Mercedes-Benz attracted many locals. The auto bus news automatically generated 8.893 likes, 548 shares and 89 comments. Most comments shared posted by netizens are about their views if the vehicles were available in Jakarta, the city known for its’ traffic rep among big cities in Indonesia. The Mercedes-Benz automated bus itself succeed to pass its 20KM test-drive on the streets of Amsterdam, from Schipol International Airport to Haarlem. People are hoping that the automated bus routine can be implemented in Indonesia to lure many Indonesian citizens to use the bus, so the heavy traffic will slowly decline. What do you think. Do you think people in Indonesia, especially Jakarta citizens will avert to taking the bus if the auto bus were available here? Or will they stick to their own cars and motorcycles?

Herda is a guest writer for Sonar Platform, currently works at Kana as a resident social media analyst

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Herda is a guest writer for Sonar Platform, currently works at Kana as a resident social media analyst

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