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Weekly Recap: Jokowi’s Vlog, #SayaBertanya Meme, and an Earthquake in Deliserdang

Before you head to the weekend and log off from your work email, let us update you with everything that has happened this week.

Let’s go back to last weekend, when all of a sudden we were blessed by two vlogs from none other than President Jokowi. Yes, we already talked about that and you can check that out here. But in case you haven’t read it, we just wanted to update you. He recorded himself before heading to the Maguwoharjo Stadium in Sleman, Yogyakarta, to attend the 2017 President’s Cup soccer competition and. He also did the same thing when he was inside the stadium. It all happened on February 4th and until this day, the topic “vlog Jokowi” has generated 414,208 buzz and 3,355 posts on the internet.

As we move forward this week, it looks like that President Jokowi isn’t the only Presidential figure that has been busy this week on social. Oh yes, we’re talking about Indonesia’s Former President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY). He went on a twitter rant after hundreds of people held a protest in front of his private house on Monday (February 6th), but i mean who could blame him? Let’s face it, anyone would have done the same, we guarantee that. He then sought for justice by tweeting something like this, “Saya bertanya kpd Bapak Presiden & Kapolri, apakah saya tidak memiliki hak untuk tinggal di negeri sendiri, dgn hak asasi yang saya miliki?”

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The response to that tweet was very unexpected though, the tweet seemed to inspire our netizens to make a hilarious viral meme, which was #SayaBertanya (I ask). They asked the president and the police chief all sorts of questions that were not related to the main issue SBY was trying to raise at all. On Twitter, that hashtag alone generated 236 tweets with 248 interactions and 449,585 viral reach.

Moving on to the end of the week, sadly we had to wrap this recap with devastating news from Deliserdang, North Sumatera. The town was just hit by an 4.5 SR earthquake this morning. The earthquake even happened two times, first at O4.50 AM and the second at 05.04 AM. BMKG hasn’t released an official statement whether there were any serious damages caused by the earthquake. News about this earthquake generated 706 buzz and 93 posts on the internet and most of the posts were found on the news outlets (71).

Biru is a contributing writer for Sonar Platform, focusing on social and digital trends in Indonesia

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Biru is a contributing writer for Sonar Platform, focusing on social and digital trends in Indonesia

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