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The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Go ‘Red’ to Fight HIV/AIDS

This is another ‘red’ story about Apple with their revolutionary idea.

For the first time since forever, Apple has supported the charity through its flagship phone. On March 21st 2017, Apple published a press release on its website, introducing iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus RED Special Edition.

Yes, people, you didn’t read it wrong. An iPhone come in a new metallic matte red finish. For those brave enough to skip a case, it’s the most colorful option available.

Apple didn’t do this without a specific reason. These iPhone is released as part of Apple’s partnership with (RED), which they have been partnered with for a decade. (RED) is a global fund aiming to “bring the world step closer to an AIDS-free generation”. According to Apple’s official website, every purchase of the red iPhone will contributes to the Global Fund to support HIV/AIDS program. Apple didn’t reveal how much money from each sale will go to the charity.

The red iPhone is only available in either 128GB or 256GB version. So, yes, there’s no 32GB model but there’s no extra cost compared to the other iPhone 7 available. The 128GB version of red iPhone 7 will cost you US$749 (around IDR 9,969,190) and for the 256GB will be sell with price US$849 (around IDR 11,300,190). Meanwhile, the red iPhone 7 plus will cost you US$869 (around IDR 11,566,390) for the 128GB and $969 (around IDR 12,897,390) for the 256GB.

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It seems like the Apple fanboy and fangirl are excited about this new special edition of iPhone. Our radar captured 130,298 buzzes around the internet and, with 3,370 posts written by 896 unique headcounts.

As usual, new outlet becomes the most-used channel people choose to talk about this topic (2,830), followed by Twitter (262), Facebook (177), and forum threads (101). While the tweets generated 823 interactions and 3,596,499 viral reaches, the Facebook posts gained 2,765 comments, 5,070 shares, and 116,822 likes.

After arriving in the States, the new iPhone will hit 40 additional countries later this month and additional five in April. We don’t know if Indonesia is included but let’s say it is, would you spend your money to buy the red iPhone, peeps?

Biru is a contributing writer for Sonar Platform, focusing on social and digital trends in Indonesia

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Biru is a contributing writer for Sonar Platform, focusing on social and digital trends in Indonesia

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