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Look! Who Ranks Ninth Among the Top 10 World Leaders with Most Facebook Followers?

You’re not the only one who uses Facebook to increase your online presence. The leaders around the world have been doing the same thing, apparently. And look who’s among the top 10 world leaders with most followers on Facebook!

If your answer is President Jokowi, then you’re definitely right.

Burson-Marsteller, a global public relation and communication firm headquartered in NYC, did a study which ranked world leaders based on their number of Facebook followers and engagement rate. It analyzed 590 Facebook pages representing 169 governments, which have a total of 311 million followers as of February 1st. According to Jakarta Globe, in 2016, they published a total of 398,982 posts, which have gained 772 million interactions.

Meanwhile, the engagement rate is measured based on interactions. On Facebook page, that includes likes, comments, and share of posts. These are the same metric that social media marketers usually use to measure a brand or company’s effectiveness on engaging their audience.

The study shows that President Jokowi ranked ninth with six million followers!

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Throughout February 24th until March 1st, the topic “Facebook Jokowi” generated 1,600,123 buzz with 1,578,896 engagements. Among 21,227 posts that can be found on internet, 17,487 of them were from news outlets. Right behind them were 2,538 tweets, 886 Facebook posts, 314 forum threads, and 2 blog posts. While the tweets raised 8,965 interactions, Facebook posts gained 69,393 comments and 101,569 shares.

The world leader who has the most followers on Facebook is Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India. He leads with 40 million followers, followed by Donald Trump with almost 20 million followers. Modi’s institutional page, the Prime Minister’s Office India ranked third with 13 million followers. In the fourth place is Queen Rania from Jordan with 10.6 million followers, followed by Turkish president Rece Tayyip Erdogan in fifth place with 8.9 million followers.

President Jokowi may not rank first, but he’s actually quite a king on social media. Not only have six million followers on Facebook, but also he gains 7.17 million followers on Twitter and more than 200,000 subscribers on YouTube. Who else in Indonesia can properly manage their social media while running the country? As far as we know, only him who can do that.

Biru is a contributing writer for Sonar Platform, focusing on social and digital trends in Indonesia

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Biru is a contributing writer for Sonar Platform, focusing on social and digital trends in Indonesia

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