5 Tips to Make Your Contents Go Viral on Social Media

Creating a piece of content is actually easy to do but making it viral is the difficult part. Why? Simple, you don’t have to think that everybody will love and be pleased with the content you made. At least, as a content writer or copywriter, you have high expectation to make an engaging content that interest readers to interact with, not a clickbait. On the other hand, for a digital marketer, having content that gains lots of shares will become the social media marketing equivalent to gold. The reason is each share refers to a chain reaction where brand messaging is relayed to a new audience that in the end generate leads and sales.

According to entrepreneur.com, Facebook is the undisputed king of social shares for articles which is making up for over 90 percent. This is why many media sites use Facebook as a place to share their latest news articles. Inevitably, people might also think that they get some helpful information from this platform. A viral content is how creator makes content able to connect their content messages to the worldwide level. Well, there’s only one question, how could you make it? These tips might be helpful for you. If it doesn’t work for you, good luck with your own way.

  1. Spellbinding Headline
    The most important elements of your social content is the headline. Creating bland or boring headlines will only kill your business slowly. A headline should be able to attract people’s attention in less than 10 seconds. Therefore, it should be enticing but still clearly explaining what information you’ll share with people. For example, Buzzfeed always posts feature articles with headline by using humour, asking the question, or providing unusual yet interesting information. The site utilizes the concept of “thinking fast and slow”, the headline allows readers to think fast and the body content requires more concentrated thinking.
  2. Use some Breathtaking Visuals
    FYI, Buzzsumo shared that information will receive higher engagement by using images than without it. At least, visual elements like pictures, videos, or gifs will exponentially increase engagement. Make sure that you use a stunning yet something valuable visual to your content.
  3. Do a Little Research
    It is vital to provide something that is beneficial to your audience. Especially, when you have planned to post content that “so yesterday”, it won’t be as attractive as predicted. Conduct a little research like visiting news site or using an incredible tool to check what’s trending nowadays on social media. We have released a simple monitoring tool to see what’s trending on the internet, called “viral meter”. If you’re interested to learn or try this product, just simply click here!
  4. The Right Times
    Every social media channel has their own peak time engagement. Facebook posts receive higher engagement on Thursday, Fridays, and Weekends between 1 to 4 p.m. Peak Times for Twitter are during the day from 12 to 5 p.m. Instagram has a better engagement in the morning. You have known this peak times and it’s time to create a reliable schedule plan on track. You will be able to carefully craft content to the right platform and distribute it at the right time.
  5. Always Look at the Most Shared Content in Your Field
    It’s quite likely that the most shared content will have something in common whether the subject, industry focus or even the style. It doesn’t refer to copy-paste stuff but the content is what audience’s actually interested in. Therefore, you try to detect a common theme between yours and your competitors’ content. It’s important to find what type of content your audience likes to.

These 5 tips might be helpful for you to make a viral content. Social shares are one of the best ways to bring small businesses up to the next level. Let’s get started to make your brands that capture your audience’s attention.

Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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