Battle of The Brands: #LazadaMengguncangSemesta VS #BlibliHisteria

Harbolnas—an abbreviation of the Indonesian phrase Hari Belanja Online National, which means National Online Shopping Day— takes place on December 12th. But you can already feel the hype since like a month before.

It was Lazada, an e-commerce company founded by Rocket Internet, who initiates the so-called Online Revolution on November 11th (11/11, get it?). It’s an online event in which the e-commerce throws a big sale. You can practically buy anything you want on Lazada with a much cheaper price.

Online Revolution was actually a Lazada thing, but other e-commerce companies started to follow the trend, too. One of them is On the same day, both Lazada and held digital campaigns to raise people’s awareness about the events. Which one of the campaigns that received more responses and engagements on social media? Was it Lazada’s #LazadaMengguncangSemesta or’s #BlibliHisteria?

#LazadaMengguncangSemesta received more interactions

Between these two digital campaigns, Lazada’s #LazadaMengguncangSemesta has successfully become the most influent one, with a total post of 81 and 9.048 viral reach during November 11th to 16th. It shows that Lazada’s campaign performed better because they managed to get more interactions with the followers.

Some of Lazada’s content on Twitter was also pretty engaging. At one point, Lazada asked its followers if they have forgotten about bringing their phone charger when going out. Followers were also asked to share that experience by mentioning Lazada’s Twitter handle. One lucky follower with the most interesting story would get to receive a brand new smartphone.

However, #BlibliHisteria campaign was actually more interactive

Interestingly, even though Lazada’s #LazadaMengguncangSemesta campaign received more hype, Blibli’s #BlibliHisteria campaign was actually more interactive. Unfortunately, its interaction level was relatively lower compared to Lazada’s.

However, when it came to curating engaging content, Blibli and Lazada were equally good. There was one tweet where Blibli uploaded a list of voucher codes to its followers. Blibli even asked its followers to share the vouchers with their friends so that they can shop online together. How cool is that? On one sample post, we found, it’s clear that Blibli’s attempt was quite succeeded because this person @gitasiwi_ was willing to mention a few of their friends’ usernames to join the #BlibliHisteria event.


So, just because a brand’s digital campaign seems more successful than others, doesn’t mean the other brands do not provide great content. Lazada’s #LazadaMengguncangSemesta and Blibli’s #BlibliHisteria digital campaigns have proven so. Who knows Blibli will end up becoming the most influent campaign on social media in Harbolnas later. Or maybe there are other e-commerce companies that will jump on the bandwagon too. We’ll see!

Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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