Battle of The Brands: Nivea #SentuhanIbu VS Wardah #UntukIbu

Nothing feels as genuine as the mother’s love. Mothers sacrifice so much for the sake of their children’s happiness. In order to appreciate that, Indonesian people celebrate Mother’s Day on December 22nd. Did you know that actually Indonesian Mother’s Day plays a special role in the country’s history, society, and culture?

Mother’s Day is celebrated every year to remember and appreciate the effort of Indonesian women to win independence from the colonialism. That being said, Mother’s Day is also a moment of reflection about efforts made to appreciate the women in all areas of development.

Years after years, many brands have participated to celebrate the spirit of the Mother’s Day. Two of them are Nivea with its #SentuhanIbu campaign and Wardah with its #UntukIbu campaign. What’s the difference between two campaigns and which one received more response from the netizen?

Nivea’s #SentuhanIbu Generate More Buzz

A mother’s touch is always unconditionally loving, caring, and calming. This is what Nivea wants to embrace through his #SentuhanIbu campaign. Specifically, this program is a form of support for mothers who have children with special needs. The first #SentuhanIbu campaign was held in 2015 for 1,5 years. Seeing the positive results, Nivea decided to conduct a similar campaign for Mother’s Day in 2017.

And it seems like they’ve gained another success! According to our radar, from December 22nd-28th, Nivea’s #SentuhanIbu generated 3,639 total buzz. The number is much higher than Wardah’s #UntukIbu, which only generated 81 total buzz on the various digital platforms.

However, Wardah’s #UntukIbu Received More Engagement on Social Media

Surprisingly, even though Wardah’s #UntukIbu didn’t have that many buzz, the campaign received more views and likes on Facebook. There are 12,282 views and 385 likes generated on Wardah’s #UntukIbu top video on Facebook. Meanwhile, Nivea’s #SentuhanIbu top video on Facebook received 1.019 views and 89 likes.

FYI, through this #UntukIbu campaign, Wardah held a series of inspiring activities to appreciate all mothers in Indonesia. They invited Wardah’s brand ambassadors to talk about their mothers in a workshop event. Moreover, Wardah also made a short movie about mothers to show how important their roles in everybody’s lives.


So, judging by the number of total buzz, we think Nivea’s #SentuhanIbu campaign was able to generate more buzz because it has been held since 1,5 years ago. On the other hand, even though Wardah’s #UntukIbu campaign only came later last year, they still received more engagements thanks to the video they had made. With these successful Mother’s Day campaigns from two well-known brands, we’re curious to know what kinds of campaigns will appear next.

Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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