Telkomsel Cuts Down Customer Transaction Process Times into Minutes With Big Data

In order to become a higher-value broadband service provider, Telkomsel has selected Cloudera, an United State-based data platform company that provides Apache Hadoop-based software. Telkomsel hopes this partnership will allow for data processing faster than before which lead to better decision-making and understanding their customers better. With 140 million subscribers in its legacy data warehouse, Telkomsel’s partnership with Cloudera will better exploit the growing data volumes. Telkomsel believes that those data can provide valuable customer insights if harnessed right.

Cloudera was chosen for the perceived stability of its Hadoop distribution, widespread market share, and range of relevant use cases. Metra Utama, VP of IT planning at Telkomsel, spoke to that one of the first use cases they looked at was storing xDR data for longer data retention. With 100% data growth annually, Telkomsel thought that Hadoop is the best option to offload the data from the EDW. Thanks to Hadoop’s integration with Cloudera, Telkomsel said they have been able to cut down customer transaction process times from days to minutes.

However, Clouder isn’t the only big data company that Telkomsel partners with. They also work with Teradata to help them process and analyze the big data. When it comes to data processing, Telkomsel divides their data needs into two categories: data that needs to be processed real-time and deeper analysis. Teradata helps Telkomsel to process their data based on those two main categories.

Performs targeted campaign

Since there are two categories of data, Telkomsel also applies two methods of data storage. Ideally, for data that needs to be processed real-time, they provide faster access for the customers. Therefore, Telkomsel stores that data into a specific type of storage. This also applies to the other type of data that needs deeper analysis. With this method, Telkomsel able to get accurate data to improve their customer service by performing a targeted campaign. Customers will get marketing promo based on their preference and it won’t lead feeling annoyed or bothered on them.

Also, Telkomsel uses big data to help them make better strategic decisions by monitoring overall performance on daily, weekly, and monthly. After gathering all the data from monitoring process, the next step is business optimization. In this step, Telkomsel tries to collect data for specific needs that will not only benefit the company but also customers. Before using big data, Telkomsel took one day to do the same task. Thanks to big data utilization, Telkomsel’s customer service agents are able to provide information needed by customers in just a few hours.

Monetize Big Data

Founded in 1995, Telkomsel is known as one of the mobile phone network operators in Indonesia. With this huge hype of big data in many industries, you might have wondered why a telecommunication provider like Telkomsel would need to implement such thing. Given the fact that telecommunication providers have plenty of data from their customers, it’s not exaggerating to say that they’re sitting on a gold mine.

As the development of technology and data goes on, Telkomsel has started to monetize them. Quoted from, GM IT Big Data & Analytics of Telkomsel, Virashanty, says that data from telco provider can help other companies in gaining deeper insight of their position in the market compared to competitors.

Therefore, they have launched an information and customer analysis service called MSIGHT in 2014 and wanted to provide only high-quality data that can really give insightful information to clients. Also, Telkomsel makes sure that their customer’s data anonymously and efficiently.

Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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