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Interacting with users on social media is one of the most important steps in sustaining a solid relationship with customers, it has now become an important form of communication between brands and their target consumer. As we listen on our user’s feedback regarding their experience, we are also eager to improve the performance of our tools, not only to fulfill their needs in extracting data but also to make their work easier. This is why we want to introduce some of the new advanced features and upgrades on our dashboard which is already up and running starting yesterday.

For the upgrade, we changed the visualization and my report button position from the hidden right side to the visible header of our dashboard. This will make the buttons easier to see, along with the history list of several reports already generated through the dashboard or visualize their data into maps and word cloud.

Engage Facebook and Twitter Post through the Dashboard

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What happens when users see an urgent yet crucial post relate to their brand or campaign appear on the dashboard and they need to respond to it ASAP?  Or when they have to schedule a post on a certain date? Not to worry! You can do all those things straight through our dashboard. One of the new features that users will be able to experience is engaging with posts on Twitter and Facebook in real-time.

Monitoring and prioritizing numerous posts, especially on Twitter can be hard, since Twitter updates on issues and trends so quickly, even your own timeline moves rapidly. So, we thought to make it easier for you on a daily basis. We provide an access for users to reply, comment, and share posts from Facebook or Twitter on the dashboard.

What users need to do are:


For Twitter, once you’ve connected your official account to the dashboard, you’re permitted to engage by replying or sharing the post appears on the dashboard as your account.  As for Facebook, you will need to select which public page you want to represent the brand or company admin to add to the dashboard. However, There can only be one page/account that will able to connect with it. You can also have schedule posts on both Facebook and Twitter which helps you to plan and execute in publishing content on a certain date.

The Twitter metric on our dashboard also got an upgrade, in which the posts on our dashboard will show both the mood and sentence type as a text form. This means that the users will be able to understand the actual meaning from the tweet that appears whether it refers to a positive or negative form of sentiment for them. This is an efficient way to gain insight and a way for brands to stand in front of issues or conversational posts relating to consumer perception.


What else is new? Well, users can now view social media account profiles straight from our new and improved dashboard. The social media accounts you wish to view will pop up on the dashboard without leaving your monitoring page. This way users can view the account profiles of their online audience with just one click.  As for YouTube and Instagram, users can now find captions, descriptions, and hashtags inside the post through our upgraded dashboard. This will make it easier for users to track specific post that they want to monitor, especially when they wish to look into the post in detail.

New Buttons Selection on the Header of Dashboard


In order to help users whether its’ to extract the report from the dashboard or find out which package they are using, we transformed the header button by adding buttons; Visualization and My Report. Users can also check the pop-up profile to learn what package they are currently subscribed to, as a reminder and the login status of certain users. Users are also permitted to change the settings and run a dashboard tutorial.



We also upgrade both the visualization and my report feature so users can rename their data reports extracted from the dashboard. This will help them to find the exact report they want to download and share with others with more efficiency. However, we were met with a situation where users already have the report in certain periods but wanted to renew the data from the dashboard and extracted on the same period. It will confuse most people on which report they want to download when there are two reports with the same name. Therefore, we provided a delete button to those features in order to take out the unused report and prevent confusion on seeing double report files.

All of these features are already available on our upgraded dashboard, try them out! If you have a question or interested in getting a demo with the new advanced dashboard features, please contact us here!

Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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