Conversations On May Day: Labor Laws, Riots of Workers, and Presidential Elections?

We’ve all heard about May Day, it is what most people call the Indonesian Labor Day. Usually, our local side of the Twitter world is buzzing during this particular day from casual post and hashtags to commemorate Labor Day to issues relating to Workers, Labor act movements, Demonstrations of Labor Workers, Labor Laws and even Politics, because May  Day has become one popular momentum to push forward other various issues. For this year’s Labor Day, we thought it would be interesting to monitor what are people talking on social in relations to Indonesia’s Labor Day.


So, here’s what we found from our full day monitoring of May Day on May 1st 2018Our radar captured 41.997 Authors and 37.009 Post that generated 132.302 engagement on social with mostly positive sentiments overall. Social conversations on this particular day seemed fluctuate from 6 A.M to 8 P.M, in which the peak of conversation being 1 P.M that was mainly about the Labor act of workers in various areas that were happening on that day. So, what were people talking about here in particular? We found out a few topics of interest that netizens were buzzing about. Namely, Commemorating Labor Day or May Day through greetings or words, sport and even family trips. Also, there were mentions of more serious topics which included; Increasing the quality of living for labor workers. Also, the acts and demonstrations by workers that happened on that day.

On the other side, our tool also found a few more political issues, such as; The 2019 Elections, the current president, Jokowi and the appreciation towards him during labour day along with support of him running for the upcoming elections, another upcoming presidential candidate, there was even mentions of safety and the local police forces

The conversation topic findings becomes more evident in the form of hashtags. Namely, #MayDayIsAFunDay and #MayDay, but we noticed that other than the general commemorating hashtags, as for the political side, the issues involved the hashtags; #BuruhTetapJokowi and #2019GantiPresiden which highlights the 2019 Presidential Elections and expresses the want of some local netizens to change and elect a new president. Some political figures and parties were also mentioned alot, such as Jokowi, Prabowo, PDI Perjuangan or known as Indonesia’s Democratic Party. Gerindra (The Great Indonesian Movement Party), and PKS or the Prosperous Justice Party. However, according to our findings regarding social conversation topics on this day, the hype of Labor Day’s enthusiasm. commemoration and expression of Labor laws, acts and workers surpasses the political issues this year, since there were only about 10% of the conversations relating to May Day consist of political issues or views according to our findings.

These topics, conversations and hashtags were pushed forward with the help of influential figures online. Other than the President himself and the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower/Labor, there were many other accounts that led the buzz, topics or issues and opinions for May Day, the top influential accounts were Polda Metro, the account isari68 and accounts of media portals; Tempo, Elshinta Bandung, Elshinta Surabaya that brought in positive sentiments, but the account isari68 also brought in quite a few negative sentiments surrounding May Day along with AJI_Jakarta

Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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