Sonar Discovery: An Efficient Way To Find Social Conversations Surrounding Your Brand

Social media has become an essential tool in marketing, we all know this. But, what you might not know is just how much and how quickly people talk especially now that social networking has become a popular channel of communication. In this sense, you need to keep track on what people are talking about and with a large platform like social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, that can be difficult, not to mention time consuming since topics of conversation updates rapidly within just minutes. So, staying relevant to people on social is not necessarily easy, but one way you can try is by monitoring what trends or issues people are discussing, filtering them to your needs also can help.

Let’s go back a bit to when the social media frenzy began, shall we?

In the beginning, social networks started as a platform for people to socially interact with each other without the actual physical or face to face contact, hence the term “social networking”. However, since a few years ago there has been a shift, in which brands and companies are getting into the act for business purposes. It is crucial for all of us to understand the effectiveness of social for the business in terms of marketing, advertising and even sales. However, it’s just as important to go back to the roots of social media to enjoy the sociological and psychological aspects of social media, because these aspects are the ones that will help us improve our brand’s social media activity. Within these social aspects is the where the dialogue or conversations lies. These conversations are what you have to focus on, what are they saying? Are they talking about you (your brand)? Are they talking about something big to create a big buzz? And most importantly, can you use any of it to stay relevant to their interests.

Whenever a trend breaks out, it’s usually because people are talking about it. If some people haven’t talked about it yet, you can guarantee they will soon enough and if they don’t? they’ll still see and read about it somehow. It’s unescapable on social. So, why not spin these trends to your advantage? Join in the topics, post something about it, adopt the trend into your social media post for marketing, or simply join in netizens’ conversations.

We bet most of you still remember the famous Pharell Williams and Arby’s hat interaction that quickly became a trending topic, or that time the local “om telolet om” trend that went viral.

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These are just a few compared to the many daily trends that surface on social media and it is always amusing to see businesses take proper advantage of it.

This is why monitoring conversations and following trends on social is important. However, following conversations on large social platforms isn’t easy, you’ll need the right tools. Sonar’s integrated dashboard includes “Sonar Discovery” which is a feature that will help you discover the most about topics or trends surrounding your brand, tailored to your industry while updates trends in real time as well, so you’ll always stay relevant and will not fall behind on what people are talking about. Also, this Discovery feature can find out exactly how much your brand, campaign or product is being talked about on social and digital media. To simplify, with the simple input of a keyword , Sonar Discovery can help you uncover viral and industrial trends, discover the number of conversations surrounding your brands and compare conversation volume with competing brands in a time-efficient manner following the urgency of the rapidly changing scope of social media. From here, Sonar can help you capture these conversations buzzing around your industry or brand from dialogue to data.

Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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