#INFOTW Pick: Jovi and Sarah Hunter – The Glamourous “It” Siblings On Social

Thanks to social media, we now have more liberty to choose what kind of content we want to enjoy. When talking about fashion and beauty industry in social media, it’s hard not to mention Jovi Adhiguna Hunter and Sarah Ayu Hunter. Both of them are quite expert in the industry and yes, they also happen to be siblings. No wonder they have a huge following on social media.

Their social media page have become the go-to pages for people who are considering fashion and beauty products, as Jovi and Sarah often share their experiences using various brands and also have been work with many brands to promote certain products. It’s no wonder why our newest tool, Sonar Influence captured their pages as one of the many influencial people on social and accumulated the numbers and ranks based on their average engagements, on none other than Instagram, with Sarah Ayu ranking in number 530, while Jovi ‘s engagement rank is at 604.

Let’s take a look at their Influencer Profiles to get to know more,



Jovi is more into fashion, while Sarah focuses on the glow..of makeup

As you can see on their Influencer Profiles, Sonar Influence does not stop at numbers of engagement, the tool also categorizes Influencers in various social categories based on their social posts or even what they are most likely to continue posting. Everyone has a social pattern, right?

As you may know, Jovi and Sarah may have different personalities, but there is one thing they have in common, besides their last name and that is their amazing makeup skills! They always look great in all of their photos and videos. Even when they’re just simply goofing around and making faces to the camera they seem to glow..and we mean glow.

However, Jovi talked to brandoutlet.co.id that he’s actually not that into makeup; he’s more into fashion. He sees fashion as a universal passion that’s not limited to any gender. We approve that. That’s why always see killer fashion in a lot of different and ever evolving style on his page, as expected. So, he would be the best Influencer to promote clothing brands and accessories with style.

Meanwhile, Sarah has always been into makeup since the beginning. If beauty enthusiasts wants to know more about how to apply foundation correctly, what cosmetics brands they should use, or which contour compliments one’s face, Sarah will most likely be the go to choice especially in drug store makeup brands. Ideally, Sarah is the perfect choice for cosmetic brands to join forces with on social.

Exciting projects with various brands

As social media Influencers, Jovi and Sarah often have collaborative projects with various brands, both local and international. Jovi, for example, was once involved in a project in which they donated the amount of every purchase to the animals. Sarah is also quite busy these days, from vlogs and makeup tutorials to being of the many beautiful local Maybeline (Indonesia) It girls which took her to trip to New York Fashion Week, the proof is in the pics, people and in hers we saw her pose with Adriana Lima along with Gigi Hadid ‘s make up artist. Her glamourous and busy life doesn’t stop there, last March, she collaborated with one of the most well-known makeup brand to launch her own mini makeup set that included her own shade of lip color. Whilst, you can find Jovi hitting up fashionable cities wearing the most stylish trends while also supporting and collaborating with local fashion or clothing brands to create a unique look as seen on his recent Coachella post. It’s also not surprising to see both siblings working together or partnering up as influencers with the same brand, such as Make Over and the like. Both have an almost similar base of followings in terms of age and lifestyle.

Now, Let’s get into the numbers!



Although both equally fabulous, let’s take a closer look at the numbers behind their glamourous Instagram posts. Up until today, Jovi has about 280.000 followers on Instagram, while Sarah’s followers have already reached around 403.000. We took the liberty to measure their social engagements using our newest tool. Sonar Influencer The average total of engagements generated from Sarah’s post is up to 22.989, while Jovi’s post generates a total of 19.904 average engagements. However, our tool found that Jovi has a higher engagement rate which is proven by the number of comments on his post.



We also took a little scroll down their pages, it seems that on an average, Sarah’s post can generate around 19k likes, and on a good day, like that flawless makeup finish, a trip to Paris or a photo day with Adriana Lima, It can go up to 35k or even surpassing 40k likes. Meanwhile, Jovi’s post can generate from 15k up to 25k likes on average, and reaching up to 40k, for example; his epic Coachella post. On top of that, Jovi’s post can generate around 100 comments, and we’re talking daily.

No wonder they have been working with some cool brands. However, if we’re talking about numbers there are some differences on each post that are more noticeable here especially when it comes to brand endorsements and promotion. Based on our monitoring, we found that posts that presents a clear and bare product shot or official brand promotion materials as the visuals tend to generate less likes than what they would normally post personally or promotional posts and incorporate their own creative photo taking skills and aesthetics. Their followings tend to be more interested in their own personal style. Well, they didn’t reach those numbers without knowing what they’re doing, right?

Now, these numbers are of course established by the help of hashtags. Take a look at the recent hashtags that surfaced in our monitoring of the Hunter siblings;

3 (2)

So, with star power and a solid local social following like theirs, we’re sure you can take your brand’s social marketing strategy to the next level. Also, they can also take you right to your target audience. For Fashion, Style and Travel? Jovi can be your perfect influencer. For Beauty, Makeup and Skincare, need we say more? Sarah Ayu is your girl. According to our findings, even the snack industry is following them!

Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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