Meet These Top 10 Religious Influencers To Empower Your Ramadhan Campaigns In This Holy Month

As the holy month of Ramadhan has officially started, most of us find ourselves always looking for that extra bit of motivation, inspiration and faith. We took the liberty of monitoring some of the most influential and inspirational people on social that are never short of faith, beliefs tied with religious motivation and inspiration to their followers. Sonar Influencer captured many people on social that are enthusiastic in religious motivation, sharing their faith with the world through social platforms. However, based on numbers our tool captured the 10 most influential people in the line of religious motivators on social.


These top ten influential figures have quite the base of followings due to their inspirational and motivational post regarding faith and religion. As seen on all of their pages, they are most likely the go to people for talk shows.

Sonar Influencer captured these top ten profiles along with their number of followers and engagement, not forgetting their engagement rate and which categories they belong to. It does not stop there, our tool can also note some of the hashtags any influencers have posted recently along with which league or pricing group they may belong to based on engagement and followers if they will somehow be needed to become motivational speakers or to promote organizations and even brands if they are open to it.

Let’s take a closer look at their profiles and numbers!

MH2Based on the captured profile, Sonar Influencer detects that Muzzammil Hasballah is a young influential and inspirational figure in which his posts consist of religious motivation, views and lifestyle. As you can see on his profile, he is at the top of the engagement rank in our Sonar Influencer system, placing 10th due to his 2.28 million followers and a total of almost 300k averange engagement, meaning his post can reach 200k easily on average. Impressive, right? It also helps that he almost always posts the most relatable hashtags.


mua mua2

Muhammad Ulul Azmi has now become a young but well-known Influencer that posts about his daily religious lifestyle and motivation. He is also very popular with the younger crowd on social, with his own loyal base of following included in his 935k followers on Instagram, he has the highest engagement rate out of the top 10 IJnfluencers which is 15.80% and 148k engagements on average.




shift shift2

Hanan Attaki is a islamic religious figure, you might often see him at religious talk shows and might know him as the founder of the account; pemudahijrah, an account for religious (islamic) motivation directed mainly for the muslim youth of today. With 2.92 million followers and counting, his social page is quite impressive, in which his post could easily generate around 100k or more on an average day. We can’t wait to see the inspiration and motivation he will share with his followers both online and offline during this holy month of Ramadhan.


ph ph2

Speaking of pemudahijrah. Sonar Influencer also captured the account hon our platform at rank 281. With over a million followers and an average of 40k engagements per post, no doubt this account is serving its’ purpose to inspire and motivate people through digital channels,












Syakir Daulay has a million and one followers, are you one of them? He is known as a young and charming Influencer on social, posting about his lifestyle which includes his daily activities, religious inspiration and even covers! Joining forces with him means you’ll be directed to his young, loyal and religious base of followers and maybe even reaching 87k users on social according to his average number of engagements. We also found out that even a search of his name #SyakirDaulay will even show at least 10k results on instagram.


hfhf2Hamas is also another young and charming influencer sharing his lifestyle and religious motivation. Our tool captured his number of average engagements which is around 28k with a 6.22% engagement rate, Inspiring his 461k followers.


Another young religous person on social is Hafidz Ahkam or known on his instagram page as just Hafidz. He is quite influential, with an average engagement of 45k and engagement rate of 10.44%. His social page is filled with inspirational words or quotes of prayer that inspires many and help them get through the day


Syaikh Bin Abdul Qodir Assegaf, a religious figure that most muslims know and follow, it isn’t a surprise that he also has quite the presence on social. He has brought his motivation from offline to his online social page, sharing his views for religious inspiration to many of his followers as seen on his page.


We bet that you know Ahmad Zamzam well enough these days. His views and religious lifestyle shared on social post generates about 20k engagements on average. Sonar Influencer found out that he has a 6.34% engagement rate and an impressive 345k followers up until the date this article is being writen (May 17th 2018). 345, now that is quite the magic number, right?

So, when it comes to the festive Ramadhan campaigns that we often see and hear about on television, radio and social media these influential figures could be the perfect pick to empower and spread the message and empower your religious campaigns and events for the better.

Are you looking forward to see what these religious motivators will be posting throughout Ramadhan? Want to look into them a little more? or, maybe collaborate with even more influencers on something inspiring in this holy month? Book a demo of our newest platform, Sonar Influencer! You can book a demo or even schedule a trial run through the contact sheet on our website.


Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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