Meet The Young Ladies Taking Over Social WIth Faith and Beautiful Hijab Fashion

EID weekend has passed, but since the month is not over yet. the faith and feel still prevails which includes the Ramadhan inspired fashion. Since, the hijab and moslem wear is always in style, we took the liberty in to search up the most influential ladies on social who have proudly defined who they are and what the believe in, inspiring other young girls through their youthful influence, faith that projects from their social pages and beautiful through hijab fashion.


Here are some of the influential figures and trendsetters in hijab fashion and motivation.


Wirda Mansur has grown to be quite popular these days, especially in the young crowd. Wirda is a young teen author and vlogger. She often appears in religious talkshows and inspiring talkshows in general, sharing her motivation to the youth of today. With 1.59 million followers and 235k average engagement, she is at number 5 of Sonar Influencer’s engagement rank.



moon1 moon2

This particular influencer is quite an interesting figure. She is a korean mualaf, which means is she Korean but she had converted to Islam. So, not only does she showcase beautiful hijab fashion on her social page to her 1.21 million followers, but she also shows her korean heritage combined with her newly found faith and religious lifestyle that seems to generate the average engagement of147.228. Since korean culture is now one of the biggest phenomenon, Ayana Jihye would be the perfect person to reach a mass audience consisting of young millennials or teens


Karin Novilda, also known as awkarin, is one of the most sensational influencers out there, proving this fact with her 3.16 million followers, who are mostly young adult, and shows that she still has the good side of her. Right before Ramadhan started, she released her own Hijab line in which she promotes through its’ on official account and her personal Instagram page as well, this is inevitable, since most of her post can generate up to 116,229 engagements on average. A lot of people expressed their opinion regarding Awkarin’s decision, some mocking her, but alsa lot of them praise her for this bold decision.


LCBLCB2Former member of the music group, Bukan Bintang Biasa (Not Just Stars) or commonly known as BBB, Laudya Cynthia Bella decided to hijrah, meaning; to leave forbidden things behind, since 2015 and has started wearing hijab ever since. Now, she uses social media to spread positivity and her religious beliefs. Her story, influence and her beauty both in and out has gotten her 21.41 million followers and she has now become an inspiration for adults who want to hijrah as well, she spreads newly inspiring content which generates 82,094 average engagements.










Fildza is a beautiful 23 years old dentist who is the sister of the famous, Iqbaal Ramadhan (@Iqbaal.e), Fildza Hasnamudhia, has risen to popularity as well due to her own social media page. She shows her charms and intelligences to her 740k followers daily. From the comments on her social page, we gather she always stays humble and that is what people like about her. According to her own base of followers, the fact that she is the sister of a celebrity who has so many fans doesn’t make her arrogant, cocky and whatnot.

She also really cares about her religion, her post projects her religious faith, values, views and motivation so effortlessly. The average number of engagements amounts to whopping; 42,486. By being herself and keeping the way she interacts and post to her followers in a down to earth manner makes her suitable as a local influencer to teens and young adults especially to all the young ladies out there.

Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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