The Grand Prix Pride of Formula 1, Has it Transcends From the Race Tracks to Social?

We all know about the Grand Prix, some may know Moto GP, some may know Grand Prix as Formula 1 or F1, the seasonal car racing extreme sport. We’re guessing most local Indonesians are more familiar with Moto GP. However, we wanted to make sure of it. So, we thought we’d sample the sport, no, not physically, that would be too extreme for us, so we decided to roam social media to find out just how much the local side of social are buzzing about the Formula 1 Grand Prix Race the local side of social. Although the season has started a few moments ago, we set our monitoring period from June 3rd to July 3rd to keep you updated on what is being talked about regarding the F1 Grand Prix this month, and to get a sample or an overall gist of how aware the locals are about this cool sport, especially on social media.

During this monitoring month for the keyword “Formula 1 Grand Prix”, there were a total of 2.769 posts, that consisted of 2.383 tweets, 326 news post, 49 blogs, and an extra 6 Facebook linked post, in which generated an overall total buzz of 4.858. These 2.769 posts generated 2.089 engagements, the overall sentiment? It was definitely positive.

We were interested to see the number of tweets, so let’s take a closer look at our tool’s Twitter analytics on this topic. There were just over 1k (1.020) interactions that happened on twitter mentioning this keyword/topic with the potential reach of 540 million and if you were to see it in numbers, the tweets generate a viral reach that amounts to 90millions, thanks to our platform’s quantitative approach on social data. Sentiments regarding Formula 1 on Twitter were mostly neutral.


As the Daily Buzz graphic above shows, there were peaks in conversations, the highest peak being on the 8th of June and the 2nd peak of conversation on the 10th of June. There were 207 posts on June 8th in which generated a total buzz over 1k (1.039), and 832 engagements. This peak of conversations mainly mentions Max Verstappen ‘s victory in the Austrian Grand Prix.

On the 10th  of June, there were 354 posts from 302 authors that generated 132 engagements, and 258 posts on June 11th  from 2016 Authors that our tool manage to capture, in which generated 147 engagements overall. The peak of conversation mentions F1 Canada GP and Sebastian Vettel’s win, by accounts; @TempoFoto and @olahragatempo or Tempo Sports with information/content that was most viral, and posts from @KompasBola, @BolaSportsCom and @republikaonline with the highest number of original reach, also posts by accounts; @motorsport_ina that generated the most engagement during this peak.



Also, not falling too far behind, on June 24th, there were 242 post that generated a total of 98 interactions on Twitter and  lots of talk about Hamilton during the French Grand Prix. In general, there were a total of 840 posts mentioning “Hamilton” and 150 post about him on June 24th alone.

Speaking of famous F1 drivers and most talked about races, other than Hamilton, Mercedes and Verstappen, McLaren was also amongst the racing teams that were mentioned quite frequently on social, of course, there were 36 post mentioning “McLaren” reaching up to 7Million (viral reach).

We also found common hashtags that were posted during this month of monitoring, below is a list of hashtags based on viral reach:

#F1 (Viral Reach: 64M)

#CanadianGP (Viral Reach: 164k)

#PersijaGW (Viral Reach: 53k)

#FrenchGP (Viral Reach: 13k)

#AustrianGP Viral Reach: 10k)


Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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