Meet The Local Football Influencers Who Are Scoring Goals On Social

In just a few days, we will see the final battle of the greatest matches in the world of Football. Yes, we’re talking about the World Cup™, which is one of the most anticipated, viewed and talked about matches this season, even Indonesians are always ready to become a part of the phenomenon. So, before the Football and World Cup momentum ends, we’d like to show you the local spirit of this sport, because Indonesian people also care about their own Football league. In fact, the number of local soccer supporters in Indonesia is shocking. Football fanclubs run wild here, which is why we decided to rally up local Indonesian influencers in the world of Football, that bring in the spirit of this sport, whether its’ as fans or part of national and international Football fanclubs, enthusiasts of the sport or even as local players. Here are the top local Influencers we gathered, using our Sonar Influencer tool, showing the numbers they generate on their social pages, such as average engagements, followers and the general rank of these sporty figures on Sonar Influencer

Egy Maulana Vikri

Egy is a striker for a national (Indonesian) Football team, who just turned 18 few days ago. He already won an award for Breakthrough Player in the 2017 Toulon Tournament. With brilliant achievements in the football field, he also scores goals on social media, with more than 918k followers and remarkably 181,391 average engagements. he’s on the top of this very sporty list

Febri Hariyadi

A 22 year old Wide Midfielder, Febri Hariyadi, who plays for the Persib Bandung team has also stepped up his social media game. The fact that he is attractiven is a plus point, another high point for his popularity is that he appeals to a lot of people through his posts that makes people want to follow him on social media. His latest post gained 170,446 Likes which amps up his average engagement to 169,705. He doesn’t just post about football, he also shows more of his personal life and daily activities through post relating to his friends and family. His charm brings in 1.2 Million followers. Pretty cool, right?

Rezaldi Hehanussa

Persija’s back player, Rezaldi Hehanussa, often expresses his love for his team and football on his social media. He posts photos of his training sessions and matches, in which generates engagements on average. Many The Jakmania (fandom name of the Persija team) follow Reza, and he seem to cares about his fans and followers, 469K of them in fact, he also seems to care a lot about the Persija fandom in general. His enthusiasm and support for the sport and his team is obvious all over his social page.

Bambang Pamungkas

Bambang Pamungkas, or affectionately known as Bepe, is one of the many famous football players in Indonesia. He still plays football sometimes, but now he seems to be focusing more on his family and his cooking career as The Nekat Chef, which keeps him relevant to this day, showing his passion for both soccer and cooking to his 933K followers, with the average engagement of 68.052

Andritany Ardhiyasa

Even after he fractured his features and has to wear masks, Andritany Ardhiyasa is still not going anywhere, he still stands confidently on the football field and our influencer list. He keeps on training after his surgery he had due to the injury. He is a goalkeeper for Persija. He also has 2 children which appears on his Instagram posts and shows he’s a loving father. He shares personal life and so it reflect the good side of him through his social posts which generates 64.870 average engagement, to more than 498K followers.

Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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