#PrayForNTB: Take A Look At The Support Posted All Over Social

On August 5th 2018, a 7.0 earthquake hit North of Lombok, The Gili Islands, Mataram, and other areas within the West Nusa Tenggara (Nusa Tenggara Barat) province. The quake caused massive damages and left an emotional impression on Netizens. Many have posted condolences and prayers to the many victims, some are waiting and even posting updates on rescue searches and efforts that have been continuous since the quake happened. Another 6.2 quake hit the same province yesterday (Thursday, August 9th 2018)

Sonar’s viral meter picked up the hashtag #PrayForNTB on Monday, August 6th 2018 and due to the shock and empathy of netizens, along with the second quake that hit yesterday, the hashtag of support is still standing firm as a local trending topic. We monitored the hashtag #PrayForNTB on social, and our tool captured 9k (9.312) posts which includes this hashtag. There were 9.029 post on Twitter, 230 posts on Instagram and 37 blog posts, and the rest consist of online media articles and linked Facebook posts, all from 36.670 Authors. The posts captured generated 46.633 engagement, with 42 453 interactions on Twitter with an estimated 75 Million Viral Reach, and 352M in Potential Maximum Reach due to Netizens’ concern, thoughts and information emerging regarding the rescue missions, humanitarian aid and tsunami warnings that are circulating all over social media at this point. Although we focused in monitoring this hashtag, there were other hashtags that our tool captured during our monitoring, namely, #PrayForLombok, #PrayForBali, #GempaLombok, #PeduliLombok and #GempaNTB. As we look through posts according to engangement and viral reach, we found out that most of the posts using the #PrayForNTB are mainly regarding information about the quake itself from @infoBMKG, warnings for a potential tsunami, official rescue reports, damage control and updates, death and victim body counts. There were also lots of prayers and condolences being posted, naturally, like tweets posted by the account; @FiersaBesari and @Cindvia_JKT48. Along with posts initiating volunteer recruitment, such as medics and doctors for the effected areas. Other authors/accounts captured based on engagement and viral reach were; @BNPB_Indonesia, @JawaBaratPost, @SekolahRelawan, @PMI_DKI_JAKARTA, @WWF_ID, @HumasJateng, and @Kumparan. However, there were some accounts that posted more about the tragedy which also inclused the usage of the hashtag #PrayForNTB. The most influential accounts, based on post count are; @FitRadioSMG, @trendsc0de, @MediaCorpora, and @SwaraMudaBDG.












It’s now clear that social media is not lacking emotional connection, since we can clearly see how vastly information and even emotional support can spread through social media. All of us here in Sonar are also saddened to hear about the following quake on Thursday (09/08/2018). Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim of the quakes that hit the NTB Region and the shock that shook Bali as well.

Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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