Automotive Marketing Tips & Trends You’ll Want To Focus On

From the previous post, we learned how Micro-Moments are essential to keep up with in the automotive industry. and now we’re going to tell you the other 3 marketing trends that we think would help your business.

Influencer Marketing

When people go on the internet and do some research about automotive, according to Rebixit, 65% participants has narrowed down their options after watching a video online, and with most popular topics are test drives, Feature & Options, and Walkthroughs. These videos more likely made by the Influencers, rather the brand itself. We can find these kinds of videos uploaded by vloggers and cars magazine channels which has a lot credibility due to their ability to reach lot of people and honest opinions, which brings us to our next point, User Generated Content.

On the previous posts, we elaborated micro-moments and now we’re here to explore how the influencer marketing might help you. People will tend to believe influencers who they think is trustworthy. According to Forbes, the best Influencers have these 3 factors, First one is Reach, the ability to deliver a massage to a large number of people. Second, Contextual Credibility, Influencers who have the level of trust and authority given by the audience based on the influencer’s perceived knowledge and expertise on specific topic, in this scenario is automotive. And the last but not the least is, Salesmanship, the ability to explain things in convincing ways, in which they are clear on their messages and deliver their points of view with confidence.

In this era, that’s important for you to make sure your business has the right influencer. You may be wondering what is influencer marketing? Influencer marketing is to work with influencer to make change in thinking or behavior of people. With a touch of personalization, you can reach more people trough these influencers and Research suggest that first-person voice and personal narratives increased perceptions of social presence and interactivity in online communication.

User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content is the term for any form of contents that was created by consumers or end-users and is publicly available to other consumers and end-users. User-Generated Content or UGC provides authentic information about your brand’s products and services from previous customers, saving resources and boosting brand credibility. UGC can be any form of media, from blog post, video submission, photo or even a tweet. This flexibility makes UGC easier to be generated, because everyone can distribute. It’s also likely to encourage more purchases, as more than 64 percent of social media users seek out UGC before making big purchase decisions.

To start a campaign, it’s always more effective to drive and involve UGC, get your customers into an engaging and fair competition on social, for example, ask them to share their experiences with your products and reward them in the end of competition. Most of brands we’ve analyzed usually creates a special campaign hashtag or include their official brand hashtag, then with our tools, we can extract the data generated from the hashtag usage and social posts regarding your campaign or your brand in general to analyze and it turns into actionable insight or Emotional Analytic Data.

Emotional Analytic Data

After you have people submitting their own content to your campaign you made, you may be wondering what you should do next. Here comes the next step, and that is Emotional Analytic Data. Emotional Analytic Data allows your brand to connect with people on a deeper, and more personal, level. When we get these data, we must learn to use and refine it. Emotions are always changing either continuous or constantly. Emotional Analysis focuses on the intensity of these emotion changes. It’s different with sentiment analysis, in an example, if sentiment analysis only shows that 15% of customers respond negatively to a brand, emotion analysis reveals more than that, with three key pieces of information. The first one, it will reveal what the emotions are. Second, it will show the intensity of the emotion, and it will tell you the emotion being expressed and what the emotion that is express relates to. At Sonar, we gather conversations from social media, and we elaborate that information in an all inclusive dashboard complete with various actionable social metrics that will help you with USG post count, campaign evaluation, and digital asset management. Our new Sonar Influencer can also help you in choosing the perfect influencer for your automotive brand or specific products and campaigns as well. And there you have it, the top three marketing tips that you can apply or focus on enhancing if you are in the automotive industry. Have you chosen your perfect Influencer yet? If you haven’t or looking to add more to your list, book a demo for Sonar Influencer now on our website.

Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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