Simple Tips To Gain More Views and Increase Online Visibility on YouTube

YouTube is now the most used and popular video streaming platform, everyone from artists, influencers, even brands are on Youtube to promote something or someone. I’m sure almost everyone has noticed that these days, if you’re popular on YouTube, you’ve made it! Why? Because it becomes easier for you to increase your social presence and popularity on other social media platforms. That being said, now famous YouTubers are the new celebrities, earning an income through various kinds of videos, whether it’s a review video, tutorials, travel logs, promotional, song covers, or even just a simple daily vlogs. Brands have been following in the video content and YouTube trends for a while now as well, from creating big budget advertising videos, 30 second youtube ads, video campaigns, interactive video contents, even giving their products to be reviewed and promoted through capable or famous YouTube Influencers. This form of Marketing and advertising is now very common, as it is the fastest and most effective way to reach and promote your brand and product or services to the target consumer or audience. However, not everyone can easily do it and receive the maximum results as expected. To achieve and receive recognition on Youtube, you will need to post content that transcends to engagement such as views and likes, that will then turn into subscriptions to your page. So, what is the secret to generating more views and likes on Youtube? Especially since Youtube is designed to highlight users’ control over the content and viewing purposes. Well, we’re sure we can help you a little with these simple tips and reminders.

Don’t Create Content For Everyone

The first rule is; don’t try to create videos for everyone.

Even a company that is as big and well-loved as Disney can’t make stuff that is guaranteed to be loved by absolutely everyone, so don’t force it. We can’t please everyone, right? Try to make something that stays true to your brand values and beliefs, saying that, you can try a lot of new techniques and styles of content without straying from your brand’s identity. Create visually appealing video content that represents your brand and appeals to your specified target market, that will interest them.

If you’re an individual starting out to become a vlogger or Youtube artist, then try posting content that is aligned with your special talents, if you’re an aspiring musician post your songs or covers, if you have a great amount of makeup stored up, post beauty reviews or tutorials, if you are a traveler with wanderlust, post your travel logs into an entertaining video blog. It’s a matter of staying in your lane.

Another important point to remember is; earn more visibility, it’s not only about viewers but also about subscribers.

Viewers to Subscribers

What is the perk of having lots of subscribers anyway? First of all, a subscriber will get a notification whenever you post a new video, so they will be the first ones to know. Secondly, if you are an independent user that isn’t a part of a company or brand, trying your luck to become a vlogger, that means the more subscribers you have, the more chances you have to turn that into a source of income. As for the third, subscribers are usually loyal to you, so they probably will tell their friends about you and they can watch your video more than once.

So, how do we turn those viewers into subscribers? There is nothing to do but to encourage them through a good ol’ call to action statement at the end of your video and on your video description. Try to make it as interesting, engaging and persuading as possible.

Find Out What Your Subscribers Actually Want To Watch

Once you have enough viewers, you can ask what they want to see at the end of your video. As long as it’s related to what your channel does, it’s okay to please them this way. By making a video that they want to see, they will feel that you take your time to actually respect your viewers. This won’t only make your view count higher but you can also turn them into a loyal follower.

And if you are a brand that in need of a better boost on your view count, you can carry out promotions on the other social media accounts or pages you have. Another good way for brands to keep track of subscribers and what their subscribers want is trough intensive monitoring. Our tool can monitor your digital assets, which includes your Youtube page for this exact reason, to find out which of your videos are doing well and whether or not your subscribers have taken a liking to your video content.


Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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