Which Brand Took Home The Gold During The 2018 Asian Games?

As you’ve probably already experienced, The Asian Games 2018 was one of the biggest events ever held in Indonesia. The Asian Games in general is one of Asia’s glorified sport event, the fact that this year’s games were held in Indonesia made It even more special for the locals, this event also brought foreigners attention towards Indonesia’s tourism and of course exposure of both local and global brands to show their support towards the participating national athletes. Therefore, you can guess just how many brands have joined the Asian Games momentum, both local and ones that are internationally known, or even a huge franchise, namely KFC. KFC along with other globally recognized brands such as Aqua and Grab were both just a few of the official brand partners of this year’s Asian Games in Indonesia. Of course, we haven’t forgotten to mention other popular market-leading local brands, such as PopMie, Aice and Chitato also joined in. This momentum was used by these brands to advertise/promote their products. In fact, these are 5 brands that caught our attention as the actively promoting and supporting brands. As the Asian Games came to a glorified end, we were also curious which of the said partnering brands took home the gold for their Asian Games edition campaigns, products, and hashtags, at least on Social. So, we decided to look into these brands from August 19th up until August 31st to see their activities on social, and to capture the numbers behind the hype of their Asian Games Marketing Strategy and Campaign Hashtags.

Our tool found that the peak of buzzing conversations surrounding these brands was on August 20th 2018. The reason behind the high amount of buzz is because of Indonesia’s first gold medal win in Taekwondo and one familiar hashtag that popped up alongside this positive news, that was; #KontingenKebaikan from Aqua. Another reason was the fact that the new flavour of Popmie dedicated to the Asian Games flooded the conversation on that historical day, the special were; Ikan Renang, Bakso Tenis and, Ayam Lari. In case you were wondering, yes the flavors were named after sporting activities to highlight the matches of the 2018 Asian Games. Fun, right? Chitato did the same thing, with their special pem-pek Palembang and soto Betawi flavored potato chips.

We also found the common topic that related to these brands for Asian Games. Keywords like Sponsor, Panitia, Minuman, and also from the positive sentiments such as, Dukung, Keren and Seru were all over social. The most common hashtag relating to this topic, is #AsianGames2018 which is the official hashtag for This year’s Asian Games. Our tool also captured other hashtags in general, those were; #Indonesia, #EnergyOfAsia, and #Timnas.

Now, let’s dive in to the good stuff.

As you can see on the infographic above, the brand that generated the most Buzz for its’ Asian Games campaign hashtag is Aice with #AiceNyaOrangIndonesia, with Aqua coming in a close second by using their own hashtag #KontingenKebaikan to spread good news and deads, and positivity. However, if we take a closer look, Aqua has the most buzz for the keyword “Aqua” itself, compared to Aice and the other brands. There were 78.180 posts mentioning Aqua, from about 1904 authors, Aqua is also one of the most engaging brand, with 78.180 engagements in total just for the brand keyword alone, Aice coming in second also for the most engaging category.

When we look at their actual Asian Games campaign hashtags, Aice ‘s hashtag; #AiceNyaOrangIndonesia is by far the most engaging, with 15.955 engagements, generated from 245 posts in total. Meanwhile, Aqua’s campaign hashtag ( #KontingenKebaikan ) generated 114.340 engagements. Local instant noodle brand, Popmie’s hashtag #PopMieAsianGames, generated 30.972 engagements. However, global franchise brand, still took our bronze medal, which generated 37k engagements for their own hashtag, #SemangatJuaraKFC. You can also see how the other supporting brands performed during this momentum on our infographic below.


As seen on the infographic, Starbucks was also mentioned during this period, relating to the Asian Games. Regardless of the fact that Starbucks was not one of the official brand partners for the Asian Games, there were still a few articles mentioning the brand regarding to their “Welcome With A Cup” campaign, which is a series of new flavored Starbucks drinks inspired by the taste and hospitality of the Indonesian culture especially when welcoming guests and tourists, which is sort of perfect for this occasion, right?

We collected the data from August 19th to August 31st 2018, in which our tool captured 1277 posts, that generated 348.322 engagement which sums up to a total of 349.599 buzz overall. As you can see, the Asian Games has ended but the conversation still keeps on flowing, instagram posts still use throwback hashtags to post users’ experience of the momentum through visuals. Speaking of memories of the games, what do you miss the most? And did you get to try any of the special Asian Games edition snacks?

Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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