9.9 E-Commerce Sale Extravaganza: How Did Shopee’s #SuperShoppingDay Really Occur On Social?

We encountered a very interesting occasion this month, a day in which the date and collide into one, September 9th or commonly referred to as 9/9. And, being in an era of modern consumerism, E-Commerce brands go full throttle whenever there is a unique opportunity to carry out sales and promotions. In fact, one e-commerce brand that have recently grown in popularity, Shopee, took full advantage of this remarkably set date to hold a huge promotional event, which you may have already participated in, called; Super Shopping Day. Yes, September was filled with anticipation towards Shopee’s 9.9 Super Shopping Day, a flash sale event dedicated to the September 9th (9/9) date. It was that simple reasoning that got so many people hyped to participate in this flash sale occasion. We dove right into the 9.9 hype on social to get a clearer picture of how enthusiastic people were about Super Shopping Day earlier this month

We monitored Super Shopping Day since September 2st until September 10th 2018, just In the span of 10 days, our tool managed to capture 2.305 posts on Twitter and 69 online news articles regarding to this flash sale event, all in which generated 9.622 engagements, with the total buzz of 12.106 on social.

On Instagram alone, there were 101 posts, and 7.130 engagements, in which the post with most comments and likes came from Shopee Indonesia’s official Instagram account (@Shopee_ID), @louissescarlett, and @viavallen_vyanisty,@yazidalanauff and @yulie.cute, while posts from users; @zafeera_alif and @triya_wied generated the most comments.

However, the most buzz came from Twitter. The potential reach regarding Shopee’s Super Shopping Day on Twitter is quite high. In the ten days, especially during the day of the actual sale, there were 2.457 interactions in total, scoring up about 9 Million in terms viral reach, and 108 M in potential reach. With the most engaging and viral posts were, of course from Shopee Indonesia’s official account as well, followed by other influential accounts, such as; @womanfeeds, @rlthingy2, and @askmenfess, followed by active users, namely @ucok1durian and @fhaizaufi. As for online news, media portals such as @tempokbisnis, @whatsonANT,  @vivanews, @tribunnews, and @detik played a part in posting news articles linked by their twitter pages, successfully supporting the hype surrounding Super Shopping Day, even before 9.9 actually hit.

Now, we all know the secret to going viral. And, yes, we mean hashtags. There were 515 posts, mentioning the official hashtag;  #SuperShoppingDay, with 7.694 engagements, driving up to a total of 8.209 buzz. Crazy, right? Our tool also picked up on a few other hashtags relating to this sale extravaganza, such as #Shopee, #ShopeeID, #ShopeeID99, and #BeliSemuaDiShopee, which is in fact the brand’s official local tagline.

As you can see from the numbers, there’s no doubt that people all over social was enthusiastic in being a part of this newly founded day of Shopping. But, it wasn’t all smiles and hype after all. Although our sentiment analysis tool stated that the sentiments surrounding “Super Shopping Day” was mostly Neutral ( 1.236 ) to Positive ( 848 ), there were still roughly 400 posts that hinted towards negativity. After taking a closer look, the common themes within the topics of conversation regarding Shopee’s 9.9 flash sale event were; “Shopee”, “Super Shopping Day”, “Super Sale”, “Diskon” (Discount), “Promo”, “Kejutan” ( Surprise ), “Flash Sale”, along with “Gratis Ongkir” due to Shopee’s free shipping offer during the flash sale, “#ViaValen” who is one of the brand’s famous influencer on social, and “Goyang Shopee” or “#GoyangShopee” which is one of Shopee’s regularly scheduled promotional strategy in giving out points/coins, or should we say, Shopee Coins. On to the more negative side of social, “Error”, “Ketinggalan” ( Left Behind / Late ), “Sold Out”, were the common negative themes relating to this event and perhaps even Shopee Indonesia itself, which mostly refers too netizens’ comments, complaints or rants about being late to join in the flash sale, or being unable to purchase sale items due to app or server errors.













Complaints regarding app errors are quite common, even complaints regarding items being sold out very quickly seems like a regular day for e-commerce brands and their social admins. However, some complaints should not be taken lightly or left unchecked. In this case, some of these negative topics even lead up to fraud speculations of netizens because of how quickly most of the items on sale were sold out, some just within seconds after the sale started.










When you are a consumer based brand, consumers are your life-line in order to compete in the market, and actually stay afloat as a business, big or even for small to medium scale businesses, which is why listening to what consumers are saying is vital. Fortunately, this era of modern technology and consumerism, makes it easier to actually find out and monitor what people are saying about your brand. One spark of negativity could start a long viral trail of misleading assumptions, negative perception and even bad press. Especially on Social media, where one post could spread easily and very quickly. This proves how social listening can help brands, especially in E-Commerce to handle complaints quicker, in order to stop similar issues from surfacing and preventing serious crisis from happening in the long run.

Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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