A Major Bitter-Sweet Flashback: Looking Back At Your Moments on Path With #TerimaKasihPath

It’s a sad sad week on social media. As you may have heard, the unique social networking platform, Path is closing down. Rumors of Path closing down started rising earlier this week, as they finally announced through their official Twitter page that they will officially close down next month, on October 18th. However, the Path app will be removed from Google Play Store and Apple App Store on October 1st. So, for Path users who are still registered, will have from now until October comes to look back and save or backup their data that were shared through their path moments. As most of you fellow Path users from way back when, you all would know that Path was created as one of the only private social media platform. Path’s original concept came with a limited friends’ list, in which you could only add up to 50 friends originally, and a secure, simple and visually pleasing platform to share not just pictures, but “moments”. This platform was designed for people to share private moments with only their closest friends, family, and/or network, and it worked for a while there. A lot of people felt more secure sharing their moments, whether it was a picture of their newborn child, their holiday videos or in fact their locations, due to that privacy concept alone. After all, what is social disclosure when you’re only adding your closest mates. In 2013, Founder, Dave Morrin even stated that people were checking the app over 1 billion times per month. As you can guess, the privacy aspect and emotional connection Path gave to its’ users was undeniable. Not too long ago, As the world grew more social, Path expanded their friend list limitation, to fit into the lifestyle even the most social of people in this modern society where engagements was measured, and posts where made to be seen by a lot more than just our peers. However, sadly, the time has now come to say goodbye to those special moments you’ve posted on Path, looking back on them one last time.

Now, it is sad, sure.. but, it wouldn’t be the same if local Netizens didn’t come up with a creative way to bid their goodbyes to Path and the moments they have shared with this beloved social platform. Yes, we’re talking about the hashtag “#TerimaKasihPath” which is a local spin to the hashtag “#ThankYouPath”. In fact, Terima Kasih does literally translate to Thank You, so the message was clear and has the same emotional attachment to it. However, this local hashtag exploded all over Twitter, which some may find ironic, right?

The hashtag; #TerimaKasihPath started creeping around Twitter on September 14th, which reached its’ peak on peak on September 17th due to Path’s official annoucement. We monitored the hashtag along with #ThankYouPath on the local side of Social. There were 7.625 post that mentioned #TerimaKasihPath, with 76.063 engagements, that comes to a total buzz of 83.688. 7.337 of these posts coming from Twitter, with 25.398 interactions, and 274 instagram posts, with over 50k engagements. Meanwhile, there were 235 post with the hashtag #ThankYouPath, generating 11.724 engagements and 11.959 total buzz. There were 84 posts on Twitter using this hashtag, with 35 interactions, not to mention the 151 instagram posts as well that generated 11.689 engagements in just about a week.

Although there were a lot of Instagram posts that also used both hashtags, when it comes to going viral, Twitter is still the go to platform, with a viral reach of 28 million, and 116 million in potential reach, #TerimaKasihPath quickly became a bittersweet trending topic, putting a humorous spin on the news itself.

In total there were 8.157 Post revolving around the two hashtags, and 81.752 engagements, most of which was posted on Twitter (7.703 post), followed by Instagram with 414 posts, not forgetting the 12 online news articles by online media portals, along with 28 blog posts.

Let’s take a look at some of the most viral and engaging posts that used both hashtags that we found.

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So, did you get a chance to look back on some of your Path moments? Don’t forget to backup your data, you might not see those pictures again! After all, life is made of moments. Save yours, quickly!

Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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