See How #CrazyRichAsians Influenced The Local Twitter-sphere

Last week was the Premiere of Crazy Rich Asians, we all know how much buzz this movie is stirring for potraying the glamourous lifestyle of the..well..crazy rich Asians, and also for their all Asian cast in a Hollywood made movie. The movie adaptation of C razy Rich Asians projected visuals of what its’ like to be rich that we never could have imagined as Asians. Yes, being a Crazy Rich Asian takes everyday life to a whole new level. Crazy Rich Asians’ plotline tells a story about a woman who is meeting her boyfriend’s family, whom she recently finds out is a part of Singapore’s wealthiest family. The film generated a lot of buzz even before premiering here in Indonesia, there were lots of talks that the movie wouldn’t be released here in Indonesia due to some stereotypical Asian potrayal or dialogues and other issues. However, now since it did in fact release in local theatres, it has been all over social. Yes, we saw those instagram story feeds, people! But, we’re actually here to talk about Twitter. Now, it wouldn’t be a crazy popular trend without local netizens creating a new witty spin to it.

And with that, we introduce to you; #CrazyPoorAsians

No, it is not as bad as it sounds, it’s actually hilarious. As conversations about #CrazyRichAsians flooded social, so did this brand new trend, and it all started with just a few people expressing how their daily life was so different from the story or movie, which we can all relate to, because not everyone is basically Asian royalty, right? And, apparently a lot of people did relate to this trend. With that, more posts emerged, memes surfaced, it wasn’t long before it completely blew up, and in came other funny hashtags such as #CrazyRichSurabayan and #CrazyRichBekasian. When it comes to humor, Indonesian Netizen seem to be on point for their reactions and virality. Let’s not forget the #OMTELOLETOM phenomenon. That is why, we quickly picked up on this witty trend to see just how involved netizens were, and it turns out, they were very much immersed.

Sonar monitored the hashtag #CrazyPoorAsians and #CrazyPoorAsian from September 11th, when it all started, until the 20th of September 2018. Both hashtags reached its’ peak on September 17th 2018 according to our tool. We found 11.051 posts in total that mentioned either one or even both hashtags, generating 35377 engagements, and 46.428 total buzz. There were 10.997 posts on Twitter alone, along with 15 online media articles about the trending hashtag, 2 linked Facebook posts, and 37 linked Blog posts.

Now, let’s see the tweets that paved the way of virality..

Our tool also found a few more hilarious and witty tweets that we found to be some of the most influential out of the bunch, based on the number of engagement and viral reach.

Isn’t it cool to see the parody version of a popular trend? This is one of those moments where we can clearly see user generated contents dominating the social scope with a creative twist. If content is king, then users are definitely the Ace of the social media game.

Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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