We Survived #InstagramDown! So Did These Memes, Sarcasm, and a Snack?

We are sure you all have heard that there was a tiny error problem with Instagram last week, okay, a big problem, we couldn’t load feeds, or post anything! Cue the moment of silence, the shock phase followed by the hysterical screams of confusion and horror! Now this is scarier than any Halloween story ever told on October.

October 3rd marks a very stressful day to the modern society, as the immensely popular social media platform; Instagram, stopped working for about an hour or two. In that very dramatic hour, people were confused, stressed and in distraught of why Instagram could not load feeds at all and just completely stopped working all together, that’s right, we mean complete shut down, as in no feeds, no posts, not even a single direct message or Instagram story update could be sent or even loaded on its’ timeline, both on the application and website. In the midst of this chaotic social break down, people tried their best to fix the problem themselves, by uninstalling then re-installing their Instagram app. However, many said that it just made it worse, from being “unable to load feeds” escalating to “unable to log-in”. During this Instagram quarantine, people quickly migrated to another familiar social platform, Twitter. You guessed it, they went to visit their Twitter timeline for various reasons. Such as, boredom, stress, and basically to find out if others were having the same insta-problem, also to share their worries…and thoughts through a tweet rampage or rants, and let’s be honest, what is a tweet rampage without memes and gifs. Yes, we were there for the memes.

As we all know, anything and everything that is discussed on social practically comes with a hashtag, this situation was no different, the hashtag #InstagramDown was all over Twitter. Ironic, right? Our tool captured over 90k Tweets using this hashtag. Of course, Twitter wouldn’t be the same without memes in any form, pictures, gif, or even video. Twitter was filled with Tweeps (in case you did not know already, that means; Twitter People) welcoming the Instagram clan to Twitter during the emptiest few hours of their lives at that moment, along with meme filled reaction tweets and so much more hilarious content poking fun at how modern society may be just a tad bit addicted to social media.  Here are some of the funniest tweets we found despite the chaos of Instagram’s minor crash.

A honorable mention to the Queensland Police for their official tweet as well;

Also, even with Instagram, one of the most popular social media platform being offline, one brand was quick to act and  seize the opportunity within the hype..or chaos you could say. Kit Kat quickly posted an amusing content that both represents their brand and their key message which is “have a break, have a kit kat”. Kit Kat quickly posted a simple but effective post to get people’s attention on Twitter even when the most popular social platform is down. Now, that’s impressive. Take a look at their post, and how it actually takes advantage of a certain momentum even something that can potentially carry negative sentiments, turning it into a amusing content that dare we say put a smile on our faces here at Sonar and I’m sure it did the same to you, putting a positive and humorous spin to a negative situation for most. It looks like Kit Kat learned from the memes and comical behavior of people on Twitter.

Not only was this content kind of funny (in a good way), it clearly delivers their key message which can persuade or even remind people to in fact.. “have a kit kat” during their “break” from Instagram. This is something more brands should take note off, even the smallest of topics or trends can be great inspiration for social content to engage more people to your brand. Brands can benefit from almost any trend, issues or situation that is circulating on social, so long as it fits their values, message, product or service and brand personality. The most important thing is to stay active and stay alert, even when social platforms are “offline”. Another simple example was Burger King’s reply to a tweet posted by Twitter’s official account. This witty and spontaneous reply became a hit. Taking advantage of buzz-worthy social conversations, trends and issues are the key to staying relevant on social.

Well, to wrap this up, the golden question is; did you have a Kitkat during that Insta-break?

If you did after seeing their post, their simple strategy did work after all.



Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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