13 Reasons Why People Follow or Unfollow Brands On Social

Are your consumers following you on social? Ever wondered why they decided to click that follow button? Or perhaps, you’re wondering why you’re suddenly losing followers? To deal with this, you will need to define the problem, and to define the problem, you need to know the reason behind the behavior or actions of your consumers. Social media may be a virtual world but the action within this social scope are all too real and reflect on real world metrics for businesses, such as awareness, communication, consumer loyalty, and even sales. So, no, it’s not all fun and games on social.

Now, let’s journey back to the old times, no we’re not talking before Instagram or Snapchat, we’re talking even before Myspace, Friendster or even Facebook. It seems like such a primitive age, but brands survived well back then too. Before social media existed, brands would implement below-the-line (BTL) activities to certain the target audience. And, their Above-the-line strategies would mostly just involve conventional media, such as TV, Radio and Printed Media for the mass. Now. Brands are all over social media too, which makes it easier to communicate their message and to “keep in touch” with their consumers. Not to mention, it’s a great way to get a general overview of who is actually keeping up with your brand too, you get to know exactly who you appeal to in this modern and social generation.

Now, if you’re a new brand trying to make it in the market and just starting up, you’ll need to know exactly what usually urges people to follow common brands on social media. And, if you are already an established brand trying to reach out to more people on social by gaining more followers, or simply trying to figure out why you’re losing followers, and how to get them to follow you again, you’ll need to know this as well. Just in case you haven’t been appealing to your followers as much as you actually need to.

Also, keep in mind that when developing social strategies, content actually means something to the target audience. Sproutsocial.com conducted a research, finding out several reasons why people follow a brand on social media. Here are the details:

  • 73% people follow brand on social media because they are interested to the product or service.
  • 58% are interested in promotions or offers and coupon programs by the brand
  • 51% find that the brand is actually entertaining
  • 42% people believe they’ll get incentives or special offers from the brand by following them on social media
  • 41% are interested in knowing the industry deeper
  • 25% want to communicate with the brand through social media
  • 21% people follow a brand’s social media account because of a common interest with their friends

It should be noted that using an incentive offer would attract new followers. Think of it as a complementary welcome hamper. Or perhaps, do something a little easier, a giveaway. Engage with your followers and gain new ones too by arranging giveaways to get them excited, think of it as a thank you to them for following your brand on social and to keep up that kind of enthusiasm so that they don’t unfollow you any time soon. Some brands give away products or samples, some even give away redeemable coupons for certain products, or even just a promotional code or discount to those who follow and bring in engagements to their brand’s social media page, after all your followers are the one who keeps your social page alive, think of this strategy as a way to reward them for their efforts and loyalty online.

Now, on to the darker side of social media marketing. You can lose followers, that is a fact. Sprout Social also asked why people unfollow brands on social media.

  • 46% of users unfollow a brand after posting too many promotional messages
  • 1% of them unfollow after finding out the information that a brand is posting turns out to be irrelevant to them
  • 9% of people unfollow a brand because they tweet or post too much
  • 9% say that they unfollow a brand if and when they use slangs/jargons that doesn’t fit the brand’s personality
  • 9% say if the brand’s social page is too quiet, they will unfollow
  • 3% of people unfollow a brand if they don’t reply to them

To sum it up, in order to keep followers, a brand needs to be present on social media by posting regularly, lack of updates can lead to a loss. Another thing to remember is to engage with your followers. Notice them, if your admins see a clever or witty comment, encourage them to reply to the commenters, if people have questions regarding your brand, product or service, reply immediately if possible, and if a follower raises an issue, it is better to resolve it as soon as you can. Do not ignore your followers by leaving their comments or inquiries unanswered, that is a good way to lose some followers. Another important note is to stay relevant, encourage your social media team to stay updated with local or international trends that may relate to your brand, product and/or services. However, if you still lose a few followers after posting “relevant” content, don’t panic, as they may identify as the 41.1% of people who still don’t relate to the information or content you are posting, and that’s okay, because it is more important to engage to the right people instead of focusing on those who don’t relate to your brand.

That being said, stay true to your brand’s personality and image, your posts on social must reflect your brand’s personality and values, also it must embody how your target market thinks and views your brand, your set positioning is key, your social media strategies and content must follow your brand positioning to the very little details. To do this, the one thing you need to remember is to avoid using slangs or jargons that do not fit or represent your brand and your consumers, otherwise the consumers that are already following you will start to lose the identification and connection they have with your brand. For example, if you are an elite beauty brand, they typing and content style of your social media posts must relate to the characteristics of your target market, despite gender. Your style of caption and replies must be aligned with confidence, strength, beauty, elegance and femininity. Why? Because more times than not the foundation of any big beauty brands were built with those basic characteristics to embody their targeted consumers.

Social media can be a tricky platform to branch out to, but it does have its’ benefits. Which is why it is important keep a loyal base of followers on social, and one way to do this is to know the behavioral tendencies of people on social media, what interests them to a page or a post, what annoys them on social and most importantly, why they decided to follow your brand in the first place. Get deeper insight by listening to your customers and stay relevant amongst your followers by staying updated with trends, issues, and conversations in the social scope, start listening with us!

Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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