#UninstallGojek : How it Started & How it Went Down on Twitter

https://twitter.com/ardatama417/statuses/1051313146428706816Earlier this week, there have been a bit of controversy surrounding, Indonesia’s ride-hailing startup, Go-jek. This startup has grown into a large scale company, and was also known as one of the most successful local startup, or as you might say, Indonesia’s very own “Unicorn Startup”. With Go-jek’s popularity and user base  growing rapidly in just a few years, it is no surprise that the company has thousands of employee, ranging from Drivers, Customer Service Support, to their Tech and Corporate teams. Now, Go-jek is well-known for its’ company culture and how the company thrives to open up job opportunities for Indonesia, especially in the capital city of Jakarta. It is safe to say that Go-jek’s company culture is one of their most proudest asset, showcasing many inspirational and moving stories about the real-life experiences of their drivers, and how the company helps give opportunities to those in need of employment to support themselves and their families. With such a large employment scale, and the way their company culture is shown to the public, it seems like this company has a responsibility sustain an open and welcoming employment system. Which seems to be the case with Go-jek’s latest announcement (……) regarding their support towards LGBT-Q employment.

The statement above stated that Go-jek supports equal employment which includes the LGBT-Q community. However, this announcement triggered a lot of mixed sentiments from local Indonesian Netizens, some appreciating Go-jek’s effort, and some still feeling a uncomfortable with the cause Go-jek is supporting, with the hashtag #uninstallgojek quickly emerging all over Twitter. Thus, the announcement and hashtag quickly became one of the most talked about topic later that week, generating 41.616 total buzz on Twitter in just a few days. There were 7.694 Twitter posts, 11 Facebook posts, 2 News Articles and 26 linked Blog posts that mentioned the hashtag or keyword “uninstallgojek” from October 13th to October 16th. However, the conversations regarding this issue was not all negative unlike the general meaning of the hashtag. Some people are using the hashtag to push their support and defending Go-jek, or simply just to voice out their opinions regarding the negativity surrounding the company. The sentiments surrounding the hashtag itself proves that there is a strong conflict between Netizens who support Go-jek and their employment, and those who are either uncomfortable or strongly against the concept all together. That being said, there were still a lot more Positive sentiments surrounding this issue ( 1.940 ) rather than Negative ( 1.757 )

Here are some of the most engaging and influential tweets regarding this issue, in which most consist of outraged Netizens expressing their opinions about the hate that has circulated on Twitter towards Go-Jek, and those who are simply just trying to remind the public that Go-jek is not the only company that practices an open employment policy towards the LGBTQ+ Community.

Not too long after this hashtag blew up on social, a rebuttal hashtag quickly followed. Supporters came out with a brand new hashtag; #reinstallgojek to show their support and convince people through social media to re-install their gojek applications and to end the hate towards the company and the cause that they are supporting. Here are some of the top #Reinstall or #InstallGojek tweets that our tool found.

Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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