Meet The Influencer Breaking The Internet & Bridal Stereotypes in Indonesia

We are sure that most of the local people already knows Suhay Salim, but to those unfamiliar with the beauty world, Suhay Salim is a beauty influencer who started out as a self-thought beauty vlogger on YouTube, posting tutorials, reviews and recommendations all about beauty, skin care and most importantly…make up.

She is known for her very outspoken, laid-back, honest, relatable, and funny personality that shines through from her videos. Her fans all know her to be a public figure that is down-to-earth and a very simple person in general.

Her face along with her reviews are often seen on Instagram, especially when you visit online shop accounts. So, you might have seen her somewhere along your feed, there’s no doubt about that.









Suhay Salim has 454.98K Followers on Instagram alone, and according to our Sonar Influencer tool, her average engagement amounts to 35.658, which amps up her engagement rate to 7.84%. As a beauty influencer, she has endorsed and worked with a lot of cosmetic brands, especially local brands and/or local franchises of global brands, as you can see within her recently used hashtags, her recent posts included popular cosmetic and lifestyle brands such as; Make Over, Maybelline, and Daniel Wellington.

Now, Suhay Salim has once again amazed Netizens with her laid-back personality, this time regarding her recent and surprising marriage to her fiancée. The couple tied the knot at the local Religious Affairs Office, which is equivalent to city hall here in Indonesia. Fans and followers were shocked from the sudden news, and so were the rest of the local Netizens. It all started with her Instagram story, explaining her ideal wedding to be simple without a party or a wedding dress and why these aspects of marriage was not what she wanted.  Exactly 3 days ago, she officially broke the news and the internet, with a post of the couple’s marriage licenses with the caption “JUST GOT MARRIED” which generated 165.985 likes and 13.219 comments up until today. The news sparked the curiosity of Netizens about how she got married and when did she exactly have her wedding, which led to another Instagram story update, in which she posted a picture of the happily married couple posing side-by-side, holding their marriage license, but what shocked Netizens the most was her casual wedding attire. In this post she took the time to thanking people for the well wishes she received regarding the marriage, and that she achieved her modest and rather brave goal to get married at the Religious Affairs Office while wearing pair of jeans or other simple clothing. Her post and her marriage quickly went viral. Our viral meter captured over 27K posts along with over 20K searches on google for  “Suhay Salim” in just 1 day and 11 hours.

Her bold yet simple statement about her approach to her wedding day, created a lot of buzz. In just 24 hours, we saw a lot of posts praising her decision and how she broke the fancy bridal or wedding party stereotypes and expectations here in Indonesia. Here are some of the top and rather funny tweets in reaction to her simple wedding attire and process;

To those who follow and have gotten to know her as a fan, you would know well about her personality and the fact that she admitted to be a very private person due to her introverted traits. If you account to the way she carries herself in her vlogs, interviews and social media posts, this kind of simple and meaningful wedding day actually suits her, doesn’t it?

Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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