Maximize Your Brand’s Instagram Potential Just Like What These Brands Are Doing!

Instagram stated they are up to 700 million daily active users within this last month.  The number is more than double active users of Twitter, over three times as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger ‘s monthly users. Since the launch of Instagram Stories back in 2016, this media social platform has become a complete powerhouse among rival social networks. In fact, Instagram Stories have successfully reached 300 Million people/updates daily, and most of these instagrammers are curious and choose to view stories created by brands.

In order to make your brands take full advantage of this opportunity your brand will need to get creative in the craft of a 30 second “story” telling. Below are brands that showcase a range of amazed and impressed Stories to engage their audiences. Who are they? Let’s see!


As an online shopping platform for beauty essentials such cosmetics and skin care, you can imagine the challenge Sociolla has, especially when there are so many online stores and platforms selling these items. So they really have to appeal to their consumers. And so far, they are doing a pretty good job, with their influencer marketing and their strong support towards local beauty brands. Another thing they are excelling at is their use of Instagram stories.

Their Instagram stories are not only informative with their newest product launch, skin care tips and make up hacks, and information on their newest offers and community activities. Yes, they have their own little beauty community filled with Sociolla members and influencers. Sociolla’s Instagram stories are also fun and visually appealing with layouts that resemble feminine styles, showcasing pastel colored layouts, and even exciting pop of colors within their layout designs that really appeal to their target customers, which are indeed mostly young modern female social media users slash beauty enthusiasts.  It is now important to present your Instagram stories with visuals and color schemes that will attract your targeted customers or potential customers. After all, we shop with our eyes first, right?

The Bride Story

Bridestory is a resourceful one-stop online wedding vendor directory that can help users find more than wedding vendors from 60 countries around the world. The company uses some GIF Challenge on their Instagram Stories to drive audiences. As the viewers, you have to fill in a questionnaire with GIFs. Planning your wedding dream has never been this easy and fun.


As you know, HijUp is a Moslem ready-to-wear fashion based in Jakarta. This fashion e-commerce brand is very creative in how they use Instagram Stories as a channel to showcase series of products or a single product from multiple angles. Instead of making a user swipe through a post, they utilize stories format to moves through a series of images automatically, which is pretty cool and clever!

The Body Shop Indonesia

This is one franchised brand in Indonesia that takes full use of Instagram stories.  The Body Shop (Indonesia) uses this feature to update just about everything, from special offers, product launches, events, and their social campaigns along with the story behind each of the brand’s social cause. Their stories are almost always active, as if their Instagram stories are a look into the company’s mission and values. That’s a pretty good flow they got going on.




Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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