#LampungItuKerreen: Find out how it will stay that way

The tragic Tsunami that washed over Lampung over the course of a few weeks ago has already impacted Lampung quite negatively. The Lampung Tsunami one of the most tragic natural disasters to hit Indonesia amongst others. Now, as the Nation and the Government is putting their all into rebuilding the Province and help victims in need, they now face another issue that could impact the Province in the long run; Lack of Tourism. The beautiful province of Lampung is known for many Riches such as Nature and Culture, not to mention a unique culinary experience. However, since the Tsunami from the Sunda Strait that hit the coastal area of Lampung, both domestic and international have been quite alarmed and rather fearful of visiting the islands and beaches in which this Province is known for, and it doesn’t stop there. There has been a decrease of Tourists even along the area in Lampung and surrounding Teluk Kiluan that were not affected by Tsunami. This is quite sad especially because these coastal areas of Lampung and Teluk Kiluan is known for the beauty of their mesmerizing beaches.

However, since then, the process and efforts of Rebuilding Lampung is still going strong, in which now includes the efforts rebuilding Lampung’s tourism. The Government, especially the Tourism Office and Creative Economy Agency has recently announced a plan to rebuild Lampung ‘s state of tourism and to help the business of Hospitality to rise once again, calling it; Lampung Great Sales 2019. Which explains how the hashtag #LampungItuKerreen started trending on Monday ( January 7th 2019 ). The hashtag represents the overall theme for Lampung’s tourism plan to promote the many tourist attractions and the beauty of Lampung in general leading up to the great sale, where travel and hotel fares will be discounted along with other exciting promotions in hopes to bring more tourists or at least regaining the trusts of the ones they have lost. This overall plan sets an objective to clearly state that the province will still remain beautiful after the efforts of rebuilding the affected areas despite the natural disaster that accured in December 2018.

The hashtag quickly became a trending topic as it appeared on Sonar’s viral meter. It seemed inspiring to most local Netizens as it shows the effort of the government and the tourism office on how a city or province can still rise after a tragedy of such proportion. Our tool capturedover 6K posts using the hashtag #LampungItuKerreen on Twitter alone. Also, our radar found over 26K posts on Twitter about this topic in general from both Netizens and quite a few of popular online media portals

We can’t wait to see Lampung be reborn and their beautiful sights rise once again!

Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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