Lalala Fest: How did it unravel on Social?

February 28, 2019 Sarah Putri 0

Local Netizens especially Lalala Fest attendees are exploding on social, the backlash is evident, mainly due to the bad weather changes that we are currently experiencing. We took the liberty in monitoring social conversations about Lalala Fest. This event started off as a promising one, catering to the millennial generation’s curiousity and need for a unique experience to share and well…post on their feed. So, it is no surprise that a lot of local brands had branched out to it. Find out what the rants were about and see full Infographic!


February 15, 2019 Sarah Putri 0

The drafting of a new Music bill known now as RUU Permusikan, has alot of local musicians stirring. It’s clear alot of musicians are against this new policy. However, what we should be taking notes of is that alot of local Netizens are also buzzing too! Find out the numbers and sentiment of Netizens regarding “RUU Permusikan”.

Follow these famous felines that are following the paw steps of Grumpy Cat on social.

February 7, 2019 Sarah Putri 0

Curious to know which are the famous felines on social? That’s right, influential figures on social media are not limited to humans with disposable thumbs, fluffballs are getting their paws in the action too. So, if you are a brand that revolves around pets looking for the right influencer to promote your product or content, or perhaps you are just a cat enthusiast? Check out these fine felines