We’re sure both local musicians and music lovers have heard about the new draft of the music bill from the people’s Representative Council of Indonesia (known as DPR), mainly from Anang Hermansyah. This bill seemed to be a means of blocking or cutting explicit content or lyrics within the local music industry, such as; provocative and pornographic content, religious slanders or insult all in the form of visuals or verbal, in which if shown in the artistary that is music within the audio and video all these explicit content that is released should be punishable with imprisonment and/or a hefty fine. Now, the suggestion for this new music bill or policy, has generated alot of buzz on social from local musicians to fellow Netizens. 

Of course, there are alot of Netizens debating the pros and cons of drafting this bill. However, what we wanted to know was just how much buzz this issue generated all over social since the news broke out and just how satisfied or infuriated netizens are about the issue. After all, up until last week, it was reported by media outlets that over 250 musicians are opposed to the suggestion to draft the bill of music. Ryan of D’masiv, Vira Talisa, Glenn Fredly, Andien are just a few of the local musicians to strongly reject the policy. So, let’s see how Twitter actually took the news when this issue first started trending on our viral meter, last week on Monday, February 4th and we have been tracking this issue ever since.

We monitored the issue “RUU Permusikan” on social from February 4th until February 8th  on Twitter, Facebook, along with online media portals, forums, and blog channels which evidently was dominated by posts on WordPress.

There were 9K posts that generated 47K from 67K engagements, with a total buzz of over 76K accross all social Channels. The peak of this issue was on February 4th, in which there were 3.447 posts and 26.355 engagements.

On Twitter alone, there were 8.174 posts with 65.510 Interactions.  Now, as you can probably tell, when it comes to numbers, Twitter is the go to channel to see just how big this issue has blown up, which is why our Viral Meter captured this issue as one of the trending topics earlier this month. However, this issue still continues to be the most talked and argued about until today.  Check out the infographic below to find the common topics discussed by local Netizen and the numbers behind the explosive reaction. 

Also, when it comes down to Netizen acceptance towards this music bill, based on the sentiments captured and analyzed with our tool, it seems quite concerning that most local Netizens are strongly against it, especially Article 5 and 32 within the draft of this bill. This rejection is also shown by the emerging hashtag; #TolakRUUPermusikan which literally translates to “Reject RUU Permusikan” which went viral on Twitter, to a point that online media portals are posting news articles on how this hashtag came to be and regarding the people’s rejection for this bill to actually be legalized as most Netizens are saying that this bill is straining local musicians and suppressing the artists’ creativity when showcasing the art of their music. The rejection of Netizens towards this particular draft showed in the 5.607 posts that contained negative sentiments that our tool captured, compared to the 1.842 positive sentiments and 2.045 posts that were neutral to the suggestion of the music bill. 

How about you? Are you all for RUU Permusikan, or are you one of the users against it? or are you up for the change?

Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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