Welcoming a new era with an enhanced Sonar Analytics upgrade!

Here at Sonar Platform, we’re all about improvement, we’re showing that again through an upgraded Sonar Analytics dashboard. Our new version enables you to explore conversational trends, viral issues, and keyword performance or growth easier then generate more advanced insights instantly.

You may be wondering; Do I have to migrate to this upgraded platform? How do I migrate to the latest version of Sonar? And, what’s the difference?  Well, to answer your first question, yes you are highly encouraged to migrate from your current Sonar dashboard to the latest version of our analytics platform. However, we’ll assist you in every step of the process and we’re here to keep you in the loop before the migration process start.

Here’s everything you need to know about our upgraded Sonar Analytics Dashboard:

This upgrade is basically an enhancement of our existing Sonar Analytics dashboard that is even more user friendly for you to easily monitor conversations with more convenience to track posts or conversations surrounding your brand or product and find the influential users that are buzzing about you across different social media channels instantly. Now, it is easier to track the performance of your pre-set keywords and the distribution of posts across different channels along with the progress based on calculations of engagement, buzz, reach, authors, and other relevant metrics such as positive and negative sentiment. Oh, did we mention? We have also made it easier to define and sort rules and topics.

You will find that this version of Sonar Analytics has all of the dependable features you loved and are accustomed to in your current dashboard with just a few new features and little additions to our platform that we’re eager to show you!

Here’s what’s new:

  • Brand New Interface

Yes, with the new interface of our latest Sonar Analytics upgrade, we’ve made it easier for you to view the data collected within your dashboard. This new interface will also help you generate more insight with less clicks and less complexity to save time.

  • Dashboard Alert

Stay informed and updated by receiving notifications about your keywords, buzz, brand mentions, and quota warning. Sonar‘s new Dashboard Alert feature is now here to help you make careful decisions and/or strategies based on your social media listening and analytic process

  • User Permission Update

This little update helps you to manage dashboard users better, with the new “Read-Only” user role, your team members and other colleagues can still be included to view the dashboard and the data collected and without worries to you.

  • Side Navigation

This little feature will prove to be more handy than you would think. This side navigation is used to manage groups, objects, and saved searches. This feature also allows users to search for posts based on a range of specific dates, sentiments, channels, groups and objects, along with previously saved searches.

  • Group & Object Structure

We’ve updated our topic settings. Now, topics are categorised as Group and Object where you can classify your monitoring topics in a structured way, where your main pre-set topics will be labelled as “Group”and you will be able to input your product or services, and campaign categories properly as the “Object”of monitoring. This way you will be able to differentiate your topics more clearly.

  • New Rule Creation Process

With the new Group and Object Structure, we’ve also updated our Rule Creation process to make defining and rules easier and clearer as rules will be categorised by the “Object”

  • Trend Analysis & Comparison

Show and compare the performance of objects and groups over a time period in terms of buzz, reach, authors, and sentiment. This feature is also a means to show and compare channels containing specific keywords.

  • Score Board

Show and compare the performance of objects categorized by calculation of engagements, posts, buzz, reach, authors, along with positive and negative sentiment within a certain time frame. Our new score board also shows and compare the performance of existing channels in terms of engagements, posts, and buzz.

  •  Insight

Our insight column will show the overall distribution of posts across different channels and progress in terms of buzz and growth, along with other relevant information, such as; top words (word cloud) of positive and negative posts, peak hours and location.

  • Influencer Table