From airline to online rides: a warning gone viral…with a twist

Just a few days ago, popular local owned airline, Garuda Indonesia posted a notice regarding their new policy that states that the company is no longer allowing their cabin crew and passengers to post any form of documentation may it be pictures or videos of cabin activity during flights. Now, we know what you’re thinking; “what about my cloud pictures?”, “how will I show people I’m going on vacation?”, “how will Influencers and airline endorsers/promoters live now?”, “this can’t be an official statement”.

Well, apparently this notice is legit. A post from one particular netizen about this new policy stirred up quite the response on the local Twitter-verse.

Based on the responses that our platform captured, it looks as if many Netizens are speculating that this notice is directly linked to an Influencer post about Garuda’s handwritten in flight menu that was apparently not up to the standard of Garuda Indonesia’s well known public image as an executive and upper class airline. Others believe that this is a cause of a post that circulated with an image of Garuda Indonesia providing their business class passengers with popular take out menu, Hoka Hoka Bento (Hokben) that Netizens believed was also in line with the business flight charge which is considered quite expensive. Most Netizens are just speculating the aim of this Notice and new flight policy is an effort to cover up their cabin service that they believe is lacking recently and to avoid negative posts about their cabin crew and service, considering that the influencer behind the illicit “Menu” posted once more about the brand, saying that the brand had sent them a notice that they are taking legal actions. However, as of right now the on going social debacle is filled with more humor than actual lawsuits. Take a look at some of the most buzz worthy reactions and posts regarding this notice and the issues that led up to it, down below:





According to an article posted by CNN Indonesia, the VP Corporate Secretary of Garuda Indonesia, M Ikhsan Rosan stated that notice was meant to be distributed internally within the company and that it was not the final draft nor has it been finalized to enforce. He enlightened the public that this new policy was considered and is likely to be enforced with the intention to protect the privacy of their passengers and cabin crew, allowing their staff to work better without documentation activities that may hinder or disrupt their work process during the flight.

Now, we all know this has become quite a serious matter. However, in the modern culture that is social media, it turned quite viral in our side of the social platforms, and not in the way we would have predicted. Grab was one of the first brands that quickly posted a similar notice…with a very amusing twist to it. Take a look at their very own “Important Notice” and the reactions of Netizens below;

Grab ‘s creative and social media team really were on top of this one, their now deleted posts became quite the hit considering that their newly posted picture of just a mock up signature generated 2,6K Retweets, and over 3,8K Likes on Twitter alone. Their comical approach to the issue became such a hit with local Netizens, they even made an online activation from it, asking people to post videos of them copying (or trying at least) the Grab admin’s signature, which “coincidentally” looked like a motorcycle.

Since this became such a hit in just a few hours yesterday, we found more brands jumping in the Band Wagon, or should we say Air Wagon? Here are some of the posts from Gramedia, OVO, Dufan and JNE and their versions of this viral “Notice”. Don’t you love it when you can mix business with a little meme-like guilty pleasure?

Gramedia’s post was one that was very entertaining in particular, as we got to see this amusing interaction between Gramedia Indonesia and Wikipedia Indonesia. Not to mention Gramedia’s version generated over 4.8K Retweets and 4.4K Likes!

And more companies followed suit..

Of course the fun didn’t stop on Twitter, as it quickly moved to Instagram..


The hype did not stop there, just yesterday another popular Airline, AirAsia on the contrary announced that the local branch of the airline is holding a photo contest via Instagram. AirAsia encouraged passengers to share pictures of their in flight moments with their Airline without hesitation for a chance to win a free trip to the most popular islands in Indonesia; Lombok, and Labuan Bajo.

View this post on Instagram

Jangan ragu untuk tunjukkan kebahagiaanmu saat terbang bersama #AirAsia. Karena kamu punya kesempatan untuk memenangkan tiket GRATIS ke Lombok atau Labuan Bajo! Caranya: 1. Ikuti akun Instagram @airasia_bhsindonesia atau Facebook AirAsia. 2. Unggah foto momen bahagia saat terbang bersama AirAsia di akun Instagram atau Facebook dan cantumkan caption perjalanan bahagia versi kamu. 3. Gunakan hashtag #BahagiaBersamaAirAsia dan mention Facebook AirAsia atau Instagram @airasia_bhsindonesia, juga 3 orang teman. 4. Pastikan akun Facebook / Instagram kamu tidak di private. 5. Kontes berlangsung mulai sekarang – 22 Juli 2019 pukul 23:59 WIB 6. 2 (dua) orang pemenang dapat memilih hadiah tiket penerbangan antara Jakarta ke Lombok atau Bali ke Labuan Bajo. Nantikan pengumuman SPESIAL dari kami tanggal 24 Juli 2019! S&K berlaku. Cek

A post shared by AirAsia (Bahasa Indonesia) (@airasia_bhsindonesia) on

Now, even though a lot more brands are posting their own versions of this warning notice, Grab’s version is still the most talked about on social considering that Grab Indonesia is no stranger to local netizens when it comes to the best social media content and their unconventional marketing tactics.

Another one of their best marketing moment on social? Well, let’s just say it involves a lot of  “baggage”. Remember this wild ride?

Now, if all of this creative content and trend trailing thought us one thing, is that following the latest trends and issues on social media is crucial, especially when you want to stay relevant, generate buzz, and gain the attention of the social audience!

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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