Blackout Horror: Chargers & Ghosts Wanted?

The blackout that happened in the Java coast and Bali last week ( August 4th ) was kind of a big deal especially on social media. We don’t know whether your phone battery survived the blackout or not, but we’re here to tell you, our side of the Twitter-sphere was anything but quiet and dimmed. Apparently even an island-wide blackout did not slow down local Netizens from a full blown rant that pushed the issue as a trending topic. Knowing this, we took the liberty in going back in time by backtracking our tool to August 4th in order to monitor what exactly happened on social that day.

In general there were 84.255 total buzz about the blackout from 26.959 posts and 57.296 engagements. The hashtags #MatiLampu and #MatiListrik became the top two trending topics on Twitter. There were over 25K posts using the hashtag #MatiLampu while there were 4.876 posts with the hashtag #MatiListrik. It wasn’t surprising that PLN, the national electricity and water company became the most talked about topic on social that day, generating 12.237 total buzz. There were 9.698 engagement surrounding the topic “PLN” itself. However, the tweets coming in about the company wasn’t all negative (1.014), there were at least 495 positive sentiments while the rest of the tweets captured were mostly neutral (1.030). Surprisingly, as much as there were complaints toward the company, there were many people sticking up for the workers as well, especially when photos of electricians and PLN workers circulated on Twitter. Where did the other 1.030 neutral sentiments come from? Well, our professional guess is memes. We found that most of these “neutral users” were busy spreading memes about the whole situation as PLN memes were one of the many conversational topics that circulated all over Twitter that day.

If you thought PLN was the only thing talked about during this dark time, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Do you remember those old days when there was a blackout or when you used to go camping out with no lights or electricity, you would gather around with your friends or family and tell ghost stories? Well, Netizens recreated those memories by sharing horror stories on Twitter and even pictures to the timeline for proof. Our tool found 192 posts about “cerita horror” in the one day we monitored this blackout topic. Yes, it seems that the old childhood tradition lives on even on social media. For those whose phones were still in hand during this blackout, you may have seen user @jasmineadnn ‘s thread that involved a rather scary ghost picture that will become clearly visible when the photo’s brightness is increased. The tweet itself over 2K replies and 6K retweets. There were roughly 14.1K people talking about it on Twitter alone and it is safe to say that most of them freaked out, including us when our platform captured the whole thread!

See the numbers behind the blackout blowout on our infograph below and find out what else Netizens were talking about.

What did you think about the blackout? Were you one of the battery survivors that night? and was it as exciting for you as it was on social?

Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

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