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Sarah is a social media content writer for Sonar Platform, currently majoring in Public Relations at the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta

Meet the top Influencers behind the most popular local beauty brands!

September 6, 2019 Sarah Putri 0

The beauty industry is reliant on these newfound famous Influencers on social to keep the intense hype going, which means with every new release, and even now collaborations with famous influencers. We have seen this happen alot, especially in the U.S and it is now also happening here with local brands and local influencers and the Influencers we were monitoring this week are doing exactly that. So, take a look at the some of the top Beauty Influencers that have collaborated and partnered up with some of the biggest local beauty brands, such as Wardah, Pixy, Make Over, and even Maybelline Indonesia. The numbers speak for themselves!

Meet the Sisterhood of the Travelling Influencers!

September 6, 2019 Sarah Putri 0

whether you are an Airline, Hospitality business, lifestyle Apps, Banks, or lifestyle events such as We The Fest, that is in touch or want to be included in the life of travellers we suggest making either of these adventurous ladies within the Sisterhood of Travelling Influencers as your travel guide and buddy. Take a look at the numbers behind their journey!

Blackout Horror: Chargers & Ghosts Wanted?

August 14, 2019 Sarah Putri 0

The blackout that happened in the Java coast and Bali last week ( August 4th ) was kind of a big deal especially on social media. We don’t know whether your phone battery survived the blackout or not, but we’re here to tell you, our side of the Twitter-sphere was anything but quiet and dimmed. Apparently even an island-wide blackout did not slow down local Netizens from a full blown rant that pushed the issue as a trending topic. See the numbers behind the blackout blowout on our infograph below and find out what else Netizens were talking about during this blackout.

From airline to online rides: a warning gone viral…with a twist

July 19, 2019 Sarah Putri 0

Just a few days ago, popular local owned airline, Garuda Indonesia posted a notice regarding their new policy that states that the company is no longer allowing their cabin crew and passengers to post any form of documentation may it be pictures or videos of cabin activity during flights. Now, we know what you’re thinking; “what about my cloud pictures?”, “how will I show people I’m going on vacation?”, “how will Influencers and airline endorsers/promoters live now?”, “this can’t be an official statement”. Well, apparently this notice is legit. See the following reactions, memes, social content, and activations…?

Welcoming a new era with an enhanced Sonar Analytics upgrade!

July 2, 2019 Sarah Putri 0

Here at Sonar, we’re all about improvement, we’re showing that again through a new and improved version of our existing Sonar Analytics dashboard.
Here at Sonar Platform, we’re all about improvement, we’re showing that again through an upgraded Sonar Analytics dashboard. Our new version enables you to explore conversational trends, viral issues, and keyword performance or growth easier then generate more advanced insights instantly. Find out what we’ve added and improved on and how you can try out the latest version of our analytics platform.

#GameOfThrones vs #EndGame: Which Reigned Supreme?

May 3, 2019 Sarah Putri 0

Generally, there were around 6M (6,700,038) tweets about “Game of Thrones”, from Indonesia alone there were 43K (43.051) tweets. Meanwhile there were 382.012 tweets about “Avengers: End Game” in Indonesia, but that was just a small part of the global number of 7M (7,154,804) tweets. So, in honor of the Endgame global premiere week and the release of the epic 82 minute episode of Game of Thrones earlier this week, we tracked a few of the main hashtags on Twitter

Lalala Fest: How did it unravel on Social?

February 28, 2019 Sarah Putri 0

Local Netizens especially Lalala Fest attendees are exploding on social, the backlash is evident, mainly due to the bad weather changes that we are currently experiencing. We took the liberty in monitoring social conversations about Lalala Fest. This event started off as a promising one, catering to the millennial generation’s curiousity and need for a unique experience to share and well…post on their feed. So, it is no surprise that a lot of local brands had branched out to it. Find out what the rants were about and see full Infographic!


February 15, 2019 Sarah Putri 0

The drafting of a new Music bill known now as RUU Permusikan, has alot of local musicians stirring. It’s clear alot of musicians are against this new policy. However, what we should be taking notes of is that alot of local Netizens are also buzzing too! Find out the numbers and sentiment of Netizens regarding “RUU Permusikan”.

Follow these famous felines that are following the paw steps of Grumpy Cat on social.

February 7, 2019 Sarah Putri 0

Curious to know which are the famous felines on social? That’s right, influential figures on social media are not limited to humans with disposable thumbs, fluffballs are getting their paws in the action too. So, if you are a brand that revolves around pets looking for the right influencer to promote your product or content, or perhaps you are just a cat enthusiast? Check out these fine felines

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