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Lion King 2019: How The Trailer Amazed & Confused The Internet

December 5, 2018 Sarah Putri 0

The first-ever-teaser for Jon Favreau’s live-action reimagining of the classic; Lion King, generated 224.6 million global views in the first 24 hours, placing the teaser trailer  as the second most viewed debut trailer in history right after Infinity War. Today, the 2019 Lion King debut trailer has reached 52 Million views on YouTube alone. Not just on YouTube, This version of Lion King also created a lot of buzz on other social platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram. The trailer also seemed to confuse alot of Netizens, sparking a very detailed debate about the movie’s overall concept. See the numbers behind the madness!

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Microsoft & Grab Announces Future Strategic Partnership

October 18, 2018 Sarah Putri 0

Microsoft is said to be fascinated with tech companies that are emerging from Southeast Asia. Grab is a Singapore-based ride-hailing startup that has impressively expanded in just a short time in South East Asia. Even here in Indonesia, Grab is one of the biggest ride-hailing app. Recently, news broke out that major Tech giant, Microsoft will be investing in Grab

13 Reasons Why People Follow or Unfollow Brands On Social

October 12, 2018 Sarah Putri 0

Are your consumers following you on social? Ever wondered why they decided to click that follow button? Or perhaps, you’re wondering why you’re suddenly losing followers? To deal with this, you will need to define the problem, and to define the problem, you need to know the reason behind the behavior or actions of your consumers, why people choose to follow or unfollow your brand on social media.

We Survived #InstagramDown! So Did These Memes, Sarcasm, and a Snack?

October 10, 2018 Sarah Putri 0

As we all know, anything and everything that is discussed on social practically comes with a hashtag, this situation was no different, the hashtag #InstagramDown was all over Twitter. Ironic, right? Here are some of the funniest and dare we say.. influential tweets we found despite the chaos of Instagram’s minor crash.

See The Conversations About The iPhone XR & XR, Along With The New Xiaomi Mi8

October 8, 2018 Sarah Putri 0

You can tell a lot about what people are looking for and what they want through their posts, online conversations, comments, inquiries, and questions on social. More often than not, they will actually tell you what they want from your brand and/or product on social media. So, we took the liberty in monitoring social conversations to find out what exactly are people are looking for and what they are buzzing about regarding the new XS and XR iPhones, along with the new Mi8 smartphone. See the buzz regarding the new smartphone releases, and find out what Netizens are actually concerned and curious about when talking about the latest smartphones.

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